Thought For The Day

In the morning we’re off to Roquemaure for a little Valentine’s Day fooling around, 19th century style.  And then on to Lyon, where on Monday we’ll find out whether, when, and how some new excitement on the cancer front will be changing our life.

In the meantime I leave you with this most profound of questions, the only question one needs to ask oneself in life, really.  And if your answer is no, well, you might want to rethink some things.

“Are you doing everything you want to do?”

Dr. Renato Martins, a very wise oncologist

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11 Comments on “Thought For The Day”

  1. Della Says:

    Have a good trip! I’ll be thinking of you both – and of the question too. Luck!

  2. Margaret Says:

    happy valentines, all the very best wishes go with you both to Lyon.

  3. Wendy Says:

    Abra, you know I totally believe in this question and try very hard to live my life by it, I know you do too. Do all that you can now for tomorrow you may not have the opportunity. glad to hear that you two are off on another adventure! happy valentine’s day! xoxo

  4. Rocky Says:

    That’s a very important question, and one all to often ignored.

  5. Gayle Says:

    Thinking of you and Shel – hoping you are having a beautiful day!

  6. Debra Lane Says:

    Good luck and wishing that you get the answers you are searching for. It would be a fine valentines day gift!

  7. Tamara Says:

    Good luck in Lyon, and thinking of you both, lots. Make it a beautiful Valentine’s.

  8. MIkki Says:

    Your question is so true. You are an inspiration on how to live life. Thanks for sharing the journey. May your Valentine be glorious and your news be good.

  9. Corine Says:

    Hi Abra,
    As always my prayers are with you both and I will be looking forward to good news.
    I try every day to remind myself of living it to the fullest potential and not allowing for those 24 hours to just slip on by. Even if its an unproductive day as long as I am sharing it with the ones I love and express my feelings, I feel like its been a great day!

  10. melinda Says:

    good luck to u
    i enjoy your site

  11. Lori Says:

    Thinking of you and Shel and wishing you miracles – big and small! You have touched so many people and those people are sending healing thoughts.

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