What’s Old Is New Again

Here we are together, all of us poised on the same brink, on the tipping point of change. It’s the night when we collectively take stock, counting up last year’s scratches and hard knocks, smiling upon those of last year’s hopes and dreams that are still in full flower, 364 days later.

It’s tonight that we sow the seeds of next year’s fruit, casting them onto the often-rocky soil of this life on Earth, watering them well with Champagne, toasting the rebirth of possibility, our hearts open to the universe of hope and goodwill that each New Year’s resolution embodies.

We cannot know yet which of the seeds will burst into bloom, which will produce fruit, which fruit will be sweet with success.

If your faith in the human race has been shaken, a new year lets you take a deep breath and give the world another chance.  If your faith in yourself has been shaken, get out a pen and paper and resolve to find your own light, to keep your eye on your own star.  If your faith in those you love has been shaken, stand under the mistletoe with them and share a kiss of peace and commitment.

May we walk together into a brighter year for us all.

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11 Comments on “What’s Old Is New Again”

  1. sue Says:

    May we walk together into a brighter year for us all.

    Amen to that, Abra.

    my thanks to you for some lovely views and re-opening
    some chapters in my memory book. Happy New Year to both of you and, please, keep writing.

  2. Wolfgang Says:

    and many returns!
    May our paths cross eventually in France one day !
    Bonne chance!

  3. This may not be the perfect place for this but I want you to know: At a Ladies’ Potluck Lunch last week, I took your Fiery Boiled Carrot Salad (relish), also known as Abra’s Carrot Glop. I served it with celery sticks and it was a huge success; 3 women asked for the recipe. Thank you so much for posting it on Cooks Online way back in 2000.

  4. Abra Bennett Says:

    I’m glad everyone loves it, and so do I, but really, it’s a Claudia Roden recipe.

  5. Lori Says:

    What an inspiring post – Happy New Year and thank you for letting us follow along with you on your travel and food adventures.

  6. Nobia Monsauret Says:

    Wow! I stumbled upon this blog while searching for a recipe for Spekkoek, a Indische (Dutch-Indonesian) thousand layer spice cake, to make for my husband who is very sick with cancer and missing his Euro-Asian roots having lived in California now for nearly 45 years.
    I guess the whole process has been bittersweet, and your entire blog took me away from the disease and it’s physically static existence, to a place I hope I one day will be able to take my children and enrich them with their cross cultural heritage. Maybe, perhaps to find the family his father moved away from in France almost 80 years ago. A dream, but what a great fantasy to have while blogging away on a Sunday, as the rain pounds the Monterey Bay where we call home.

  7. Nobia Monsauret Says:

    Oh, and I meant to say that your lovely new years message was absolutely tender and compassionate. I cried. Thank you for your inspiring thoughts.

  8. Abra Bennett Says:

    Nobia – We too used to live on the Monterey Bay. My best wishes to your husband and welcome to French Letters. I know a good a spekkoek recipe, if you still haven’t found one you like.

  9. Nobia Says:

    Wonderful! Please forward your recipe. My husbands mother wrote it down somewhere (?). She showed me “how” she did it, but since her death, we have never found the written copy with the measurements . I tested one yesterday from Emril Langoste (Food Network) that was very close to hers; the spices were right, but maybe too many eggs. Her’s was more dense. Still testing and want all perspectives.
    Nice to here I connected with someone who lived here on the beautiful Monterey Bay.

  10. Nobia Monsauret Says:

    Thank you, and we will try it this weekend. It may be more of what I’m looking for. The ratio of egg whites to egg yolks may be what was off in the recipe I tested. It needed to be more dense. Thanks again, and we’ll let you know.

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