Last Call For Hope

Here in richer-than-rich France, yesterday I saw a man take a large can of ravioli off the shelf of a fancy grocery store that was full of Christmas shoppers buying their holiday Champagne and foie gras.  He popped the top off the can, grabbed a loaf of bread from a nearby bin, and ate it all, cold, right there in front of us.

Do what you can to save people from having to do things like that. Right here I wrote about something small you can do, something easy, something quick, to help improve the state of the world.  Please, if you haven’t already, click that link and bid on some of the special items being offered as part of the Menu For Hope.  Your holidays will be happier because you did.

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5 Comments on “Last Call For Hope”

  1. zuleme Says:

    That is sad. I have sent all the help I can to family members and wish I could do more. One young family lost their house and is living with a brother, his wife and baby. Doesn’t sound good.
    I thought France did better than that for their poor.

  2. Abra Bennett Says:

    I don’t have personal knowledge of this, but our French friends say that France indeed used to do better, in pre-Sarkozy days.

  3. zuleme Says:

    One of our French friends is a social worker. She has retired from her job doing it but has continued to volunteer finding housing and services for people. They do tell me things are harder now in France.
    And in Sweden and Finland where we have relatives.

  4. Ujwala Samant Says:

    I work for the Food Bank of South Jersey and we serve 4 counties in southern New Jersey. Hunger is a huge issue here, and everywhere. And with the economic crise, we see middle class couples at pantries. Soup kitchens have queues blocks long. I’ve a waiting list of afterschool programs that need our help in making sure 36000 kids in my region don’t go to bed hungry.

    Pre-Sarkozy France was a nicer place. I noticed more poverty, more for sale signs in France this summer than when we left last year. It is the saddest thing when a country can’t feed its people.

  5. Caryl Says:

    I am a new devotee,Abra!! I had traveled to France for 10 years to visit cousins, last visit was Nov,2007, and was appalled at the number of people sleeping in doorways in Paris across the street from my hotel a block from Opera Garnier !! How terribly sad.. And since Sarkozy, it just gets worse, per my cousins !!

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