And There Was Light

When was the last time you attended a light show?  You can dig out your old love beads right now, because have I ever got one for you!

We just got home from  a light-filled weekend in Geneva, where not only was there an exhibition of Light and Trees, but I was entranced by the light everywhere we went.  Like this breathtakingly radiant water bottle, now and forever my best memory of what was otherwise an exasperating lunch.

We didn’t go to Geneva specifically for the lights, in fact we stumbled upon them by accident.  Out walking on our first night there, we noticed that there were quite a lot of unusual trees, changing colors every few seconds.

We watched them in amazement, although it wasn’t until the next day that we discovered that there was a treelight expo, just in time for our visit.

And then, driving past the Jardin Anglais park on our second night we screeched to a halt and jumped out to wander in this wonderland.

Here you can almost see Shel inspecting a mysterious installation that looked different from every angle of approach.

This is where the kids were hanging out, plastering themselves against the huge balls of light and posing for pictures.

We ourselves spent the most time here, in front of this complex arrangement of trees, strobes, and mirrors.

And then the next morning at the market in Ferney-Voltaire, even this arrangement of pots of acacia honey seemed to be participating in the lightfest.

I have lots more to say about Geneva, but for now I’ll just leave you in the beauty of the light.  And don’t hesitate to decorate a tree of your own, if the mood strikes you.

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4 Comments on “And There Was Light”

  1. H. Alexander Says:

    Geneva is our grandchild so I will encourage her to go to “her” city during this time.

    First time I have commented here you will notice but I seem to have lost your regular e-mail address when our son installed Windows 7.

    On to Oregon and Christmas in the woods.

  2. Linda R. Says:

    Fantastic! Thank you for sharing your new find.

  3. EHS Says:


  4. Romy Says:

    That photo of the honey pots is just lovely. Well done.

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