Thanksgiving Sorghum Walnut Tart

We’re not actually having Thanksgiving this year, that’s fact number one.  Fact number two is that I hauled a jar of sorghum syrup back to France with me in my already overweight luggage.  Heaven only knows what I was thinking.  I could pretend that I was planning ahead for Thanksgiving, but honestly, it was just a fit of madness that made me do it.  And fact number three is that even though Shel bravely insists that he’ll be fine without a proper Thanksgiving dinner so long as he can have Old Number Eights, a peculiar sort of turkey sandwich to which he’s inexplicably attached, I feel guilty to be depriving him of Thanksgiving treats just because I can’t eat them myself.

So since we had English guests this weekend, and since I had the sorghum,  I thought I’d make a sorghum  pecan pie, something so typically American that I was sure they wouldn’t have had it before.  But given that the entire rest of the meal was straight-down-the-line Southwest French,

including a wonderful Catalan lamb cassoulet, I bent tradition a bit and made it a sorghum walnut tart.  Walnut tart is very southwest of France, and sorghum pie goo is an Only in America sort of thing; thus was born a Franco-American Thanksgiving treat.  I didn’t actually taste it myself, but judging by how rapidly it disappeared, and the number of times per day that Shel’s been into the leftover bits, it was a big success.

Here, you can have my piece.

I used this crust recipe, one of my favorites because all you have to do is press it into the pan.  In this case I doubled the recipe and pressed it into a 10″ springform pan.  I used this recipe for  the pie, except that I substituted 2 cups of freshly shelled and toasted walnuts for the pecans.  It’s dead easy to make, and keeps well on the counter overnight, making it a perfect Thanksgiving make-ahead.  If you’d like to give a slight French flair to your feast, but not enough to scare the relatives, this pie is for you.  And please, have an extra bite for me.

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8 Comments on “Thanksgiving Sorghum Walnut Tart”

  1. Lauren Says:

    Old Number Eights sandwich? I’m intrigued. What is that?

  2. zuleme Says:

    yes, what is that sandwich? And I’ve never heard of sorghum either.

  3. Lori Says:

    OK, I’m in too – sorghum?

  4. Abra Bennett Says:

    Oh wow, you guys don’t know about sorghum? It’s a Southern staple, a delicious syrup that can replace molasses in any application, with a lighter, more aromatic flavor. You can read all about it here

    As for the Old Number Eights, you’ll have to wait until Thanksgiving to see those. Maybe I’ll even let Shel “guest blog” since there’s quite a story associated with them.

  5. zuleme Says:

    I love molasses and will eat it by the spoon. So I would probably like sorghum too much also.
    Looking forward to the Old Number Eights!
    eight ingredients?

  6. This is exciting for me. A) I’m obsessed with Thanksgiving B) I’m dying to try Sorghum syrup and very interested in the history and future of that crop and C) I had, coincidentally, been planning to make Madeliene Kamman’s Walnut Tart (which has chocolate too) from Savoie tomorrow. Thank you!

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