Flowers For Kimberly

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Somewhere in the vastness that is Aetna there is Kimberly.  With over 35,000 Aetna employees, it’s a miracle that we found her.  Actually, she found us, last year, right after I wrote to Aetna CEO Ron Williams for the first time.  Perhaps we might have found her anyway, but by the time I wrote to Williams I was ready to scream with frustration because I just couldn’t get to anyone who could help us, so however it transpired, the timing was perfect.

All last year Kimberly helped us, always calm and resourceful, often delivering the good news, sometimes the bad.  She helped us get reimbursed for the time Shel spent in the hospital here, even though French hospital bills are next to impossible to decipher.  We slowly started using first names in our emails to each other.  Our notes, sent across  6000 miles and nine time zones, grew to have a friendly tone.  We wished each other well.  She thought about us sometimes, hoped Shel was doing well.  She’s one in a million.

And now, following my last post, she’s helping to get one of the new drugs paid for, so that Shel can try it if he wants to.  The drug has lots of undesirable side effects, there might be something better, but if it’s what he decides to try, she says that Aetna will pay for it.  Kimberly is working out how it could be sent to us abroad, ways to avoid having to get international refills each month.  Kimberly is a sick person’s dream come true.

Would this have happened, blog post or not?  We’ll never know. Kimberly is who she is, and Aetna is what it is.  You can draw your own conclusions  about what, if anything, happened behind the scenes.  I absolutely doubt that my letters to various Congress people resulted in a phone call to Mr. Williams who then sent a directive to Kimberly.  More likely it’s because she’s a real person with a heart and soul who wanted to help us out of the morass and found a way to do so.

Everyone in America should have a Kimberly.  Insurance companies should be populated with people just like her.  It’s a crying shame there aren’t enough of her to go around.

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14 Comments on “Flowers For Kimberly”

  1. lee Says:

    Your blessed ability to express yourself so eloquently and poignantly together with the compassionate nature of Kimberly is a beautiful partnership. I am happy to hear you and Shel are being given new options! Hugs, Lee

  2. Cindy Lovell Says:

    I love Kimberly! And you too Abra and Shel. Big hugs to you.

  3. geri Says:

    So glad to hear that the insurance co. came through for you. I do know that Shel following a vegan/low-acid diet (no meat, fish, poultry,cheese, alcohol,sugar, white flour foods,eggs) in partnership with Aetna’s help can greatly contribute to boosting his immune system and helping the new drug work more effectively. Here’s a website that might help Shel understand this potently healing diet, Abra….

  4. Jessica Says:

    This makes me happy. 🙂

  5. Wendy Says:

    a step in the right direction! thanks Kimberly from people who love Abra & Shel!

  6. Lauren Says:

    Abra – I’m so happy for you and Shel. Here’s to Kimberly (raises glass)!

  7. Nina Says:

    I am so pleased. A good option and a good hearted assistant in the fight.

  8. Margaret Says:

    Thank you, Kimberly, for your compassion and your very real help.

  9. Jeanne Says:

    Thank you Kimberly! From everyone who’s had to battle an insurance company in addition to a disease or medical procedure – having someone like Kimberly makes it possible for you to concentrate on getting well/recovering and not arguing with someone who has no clue about the situation and is just following a script.

    Wishing you and Shel the best …

  10. Rebecca Says:

    Good news and in the best form- the connection we have as human beings! I send you both warm thoughts every day.

  11. islandlass Says:

    That is wonderful news Abra. We wish you and Shel health and happiness.


  12. steveroth Says:

    Abra, I just hit your blog for the first time in a while, so happy to land on an up note. Thinking of you guys and missing you.


  13. Sue Geisler Says:

    Good News! I have Aetna and they have been most supportive. expensive, but worth it!

    good news from this end too. Daughter with brain cancer has finished her radiation and only chemo pills now. she doesn’t have Aetna, but her insurance is responding well. so far…..

  14. Wolfgang Says:

    Dear Abra,
    I just wanted to focus intrest on a new radiation center of the nuclear med. facility of the University of Heidelberg.
    It is one of three world wide working with a new technical way for high dosage fine focus therapy. The other 2 are based in Japan.
    Feel free to contact via mail for further details
    Regards W.

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