Le Temps Des Cathédrales

Saint Antonin 675

Stop!  Turn on your speakers.  This post has a soundtrack.  Click here.  Thank me later.

We’re off to Bordeaux overnight, and I wanted to leave you with a little eye (and ear) candy, in this case the utterly magnificent, stupefying, impossibly beautiful cathedral at Albi.  Should you wish to do more than gaze and listen in awe, you can learn more about the cathedral here.

Saint Antonin 666

Saint Antonin 672

Saint Antonin 677

Saint Antonin 678

Saint Antonin 674

Saint Antonin 686

Saint Antonin 680

Saint Antonin 671

Saint Antonin 683

Saint Antonin 684

Saint Antonin 687

Quite something, isn’t it?

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2 Comments on “Le Temps Des Cathédrales”

  1. Jennifer Southcott Says:

    Magnificent! I started following your blog back in January when I learned we would be spending three weeks in the Luberon region in December 09. I have been hooked ever since. Three of my favorite subjects; Food, cats and France! I have learned a lot, laughed, cried and even attempted some of your recipes! Thank you so much and please don’t ever stop! Jennifer, Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada.

  2. Sandra Says:

    While in Albi, I hope you went to the Toulouse Lautrec museum. It is quite outstanding. We thought Albi was a very nice town to visit.

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