A Cat May Look At A King

Saint Antonin 352

Newly restored to us after many catless months, Beppo and Zazou have blended seamlessly into their new environment and spend endless hours gazing out the window.  The fact that this is a second story window doesn’t seem to bother them a bit, although since it’s the very window out of which we look as we sit at our computers, it tends to panic us a little. They look but a mouse click away from falling to their doom, but of course, they don’t fall, because they’re cats.

Saint Antonin 343

Zazou is particularly fearless, and skips lightly up to the roof outside the second story, where she’s perfectly color coordinated with the roof tiles.  From that roof she can see the buildings across the garden from us

Saint Antonin 142

unless she decides, futile though it may be, to try to look out our bedroom window.

Saint Antonin 140-1

This is what we see in the early morning, but the view is forbidden to cats, because it’s the only window in the house that has no sill at all, and it’s on the third floor.  Those are chalk cliffs in the background, not that cats give a rat sandwich about that, but they have an austere beauty that doesn’t lose its charm with the passing of the days.

Saint Antonin 291

If we could see just a little further, about 6 kilometers down the road to Penne, we’d see the remains of this chateau, thought to have been constructed in the year 545.  It’s an instant antidote for feeling old, just thinking about something that’s been around since 545.  This breaks my previous record for being in the presence of oldness, which was at this part of the monastery at Flavigny that was built about 200 years later.

Saint Antonin 296

Penne is also home to this beautiful house with which I fell immediately in love.  Although it’s not for sale I covet it anyway, and it has a wonderful garden for cats.  Perhaps some day we’ll live there, one never knows.

Saint Antonin 128

But for now Beppo and Zazou are content with their own garden

Saint Antonin 131

and with jumping in and out their own little cat door in the kitchen window a hundred times a day.  And of course, when they tire of studying antiquities from high and low

Saint Antonin 036

there’s always the time-honored pursuit, a favorite of all cats worldwide.  To nap, perchance to dream, and although a cat may dream of a king, I rather imagine they’re dreaming of being free cats again, after spending many months at kitty camp.  Free, at home with the ones they love, well fed and groomed, it’s a royal life for a cat.

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10 Comments on “A Cat May Look At A King”

  1. zuleme Says:

    Yes, I think Harper and Ramona would adjust. A cat may dream of kings but this morning Ramona dreamed I was still in France, and after a few worried cries she awoke and climbed up onto my knees.
    So if this cat lady goes back to France for an extended stay I will be accompanied by deux chats.
    How did you find your house to rent? Mind you, I am sitting at a huge palladium window in my video studio with a view of the blue sky and clouds passing by Mount Washington. Not bad.

  2. Sandra Says:

    I’ll bet Beppo and Zazou were really excited to see you. My husband and I are in France with our two sons, 22 and 24, in a house rental in Les Eyzies. We spent two nights in Paris, one night in Bordeaux, View Boucau (for a Course Landais bullfight) and to Mirande for the first of many dinners of foie gras. Having a wonderful time as all our visits to France. Hope your return to France is all you wish it to be.

  3. Abra Bennett Says:

    Sandra – you’re only a couple of hours away from us, in a part of France we haven’t seen yet. I look forward to your recommendations for sights and restaurants!

    Zuleme – I found the house online. Actually, I pretty much find everything online!

  4. Arne Says:

    I normally shy away from all things feline … but this was a really lovely view into their world. I’ll refrain from being jealous as there is no way I could ever be jealous of a cat. 🙂

    @Sandra … LOVE Les Eyzies!

  5. Debra Says:

    I’m so glad you have your cats back! They look so happy and who wouldn’t be surrounded by all of that beauty?

  6. geri Says:

    merci beaucoup encore, encore!

  7. Robin Says:

    My husband discovered your blog this week, and I’ve spent today here in Redwood City, reading from the beginning all the way. This post startled me as your view tells me I was next door to your abode for a week during May. On your next Gaillac voyage don’t miss Domaine de Pignou, 5 generations in the same family… Domaine de Labarthe has cultivated a small amount of Prunelart, get some if you can.

    Would you take a photo for us, in the parking lot I suspect you use – the one with the trees that spit on cars all night – of the yard door someone put up in May, with a cat head cut into it by way of kitty portal? It’s near the bench where the old people sit in the afternoons. Your kitties will have a fabulous feline social life in that town.

    Our calico sends greetings.

  8. Abra Bennett Says:

    Robin – I’ll happily take a picture for you. It’s one of the cutest cat doors ever.

  9. Wendy Says:

    Abra, glad you are all back together! Did the cats give you the cold shoulder for a day or 2? Bisou is always mad at me when I come home from a trip and finds ways to let me know!

    The new town looks great, love all that old stone work. It’s beautiful.

  10. Abra Bennett Says:

    No, the cats were so glad to see us they were absolutely glued to us for several days, even Zazou, who’s usually quite the independent little thing.

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