Now We Are Two

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Two is the number of the day.  For one thing, our friend Maryse went back to France yesterday, and so today our little ménage à trois has turned back into our usual twosome.  But also today is the birthday of French Letters, two years old and still growing happily.

In traditional blog style, let me take you on a little trip back through the past year.  If you missed any of these moments, or just want to relive them with me, click your way through this!

This was the year I learned to make lecso, which is a perfect dish for this time of year and don’t you forget it.  Make some while the peppers are perfect.  This was the year I worked with a food photographer for the first time,  and met an old friend that I’d never seen before.  This year we traveled to Amsterdam and to Bretagne, where we visited a glorious little island where no cars are allowed and glassblowing thrives.

Funny little Zazou came to live with us, and we went on a three week roller coaster ride when Shel was in the hospital in France and a scorpion was in my bed.  Cold weather came, and I made one of the best lamb dishes ever. America elected a new President, and we learned what the French think of Obama.

France celebrated its long-lost soldiers, we discovered the food of Burkina Faso, and we finally found some really good coffee, which is harder than you’d think in France.  We fought with cancer almost every day, and just for fun we invited a French rock band over for Thanksgiving dinnerSnow fell on the south of France, we helped celebrate the return of the black truffle, and I spent the best moment of my life thus far.

France went out on strike, I made the best terrine I’ve ever made,  and I came upon some fine French wine (which will be a very important part of our new life in France, but that’s a story for another week).   I learned more about death in France than I ever wanted to know, I reinvented lapin à la moutarde,  and we spent Earth Hour the same way millions of other people did.

I cooked a kid for the first, but not the last, time.   We were invited to a gorgeous French Easter,  we sang and played our hearts out with a group of new friends, and went to a French birthday party.

We won a French cooking contest!

We swallowed our tears and left France,  went to an American desert wedding, and rode the train across America.  We came home to a house where everything was frozen in time, and I rediscovered a pineapple upside down cake that will make you weep for joy.

We indulged our insatiable cravings for Mexican food, and visited my hometown  San Francisco.  We had a semi-conjugal visit from our ex-cat, spent a few days in lovely Walla Walla, and came home to a pile of paperwork related to refinancing our house and doing our taxes (about which, lucky you, no posts were or will ever be written).

And now we’re slowly moving toward packing it all in again and heading back to France.   Three weeks more of Our American Life, and then French Letters will be repatriated to France.  We’ll reclaim Beppo and Zazou (be still, my heart) and start anew in a strange land, where we’re no longers strangers.  We’re resolved to travel a lot more in the coming year, and like it or not, I’ll be having a Big Birthday.  There’s so much to look forward to, right after a three week slog to get ready to go.  Allons-y!

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5 Comments on “Now We Are Two”

  1. Rocky Says:

    Hope to see you once more at least before you go back to France!

  2. Amy Says:

    Hello Abra – Happy Birthday later this week. I know you will be busy preparing for the next part of your adventure. Although we haven’t gotten to see each other f2f for years – it’s wonderful to keep in touch with how your life is evolving.

  3. Shelli Says:

    I’m glad to hear you’re going back to France. I was startled to read at the beginning of the summer that you were considering leaving, and just when we’re picking ourselves up and leaving California for France. I’ve loved reading your tales and am glad they’ll be continuing.

  4. Margaret Pilgrim Says:

    You haven’t a clue about “big birthdays”. Whichever one you are facing is a fraction of ours and only a hint of what’s to come: daily discoveries, decades of happenings.

    We eagerly await the continuation of your French adventures. You do them so well.

  5. Pat Says:

    Oh Happy Big Birthday dear Abra! What a marvelous summing up of your 2nd year birthday of French Lettres! I love it and you. Be well dear friend. And the Feed Your Friends one brought tears to my eyes and hope to my allergic self! Congratulations.

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