I Like To Be In America

Sunrise 537

“I like to be in America…” Our friend Maryse is visiting us from France, and as you can see by her radiant smile, even though she doesn’t know the song, she likes to be in America.

Sunrise 629

Ok by me in America…” It seems to her that anything is startlingly possible here, whereas we take it for granted that we live in the land of free to be you and me.  It’s not easy being green?  Just be blue.

Sunrise 532

“Everything’s free in America…” including these mini-doughnut samples at the Bainbridge Island 4th of July Fair.

Sunrise 527

For a small fee in America” although here, today, the proceeds of whatever was for sale often went to good causes.

It’s an essential part of visiting America in summertime, the 4th of July parties.  A delightfully homey small town celebration with dogs and kids in the parade and funny costumes everywhere you looked? Tant mieux, so much the better.

Sunrise 522

Cruising the fair before the parade started, we saw adorable-looking people we’ve never seen before,

Sunrise 547

and truly adorable people that we haven’t seen in ages, like local lovelies Jeannie and Anne.

Sunrise 544

We saw candidates for Best 4th of July Costume,

Sunrise 550

and Best Dressed Overall.  Not that there was really a contest going on, but personally, if I had one costume to choose that exemplified the spirit of this holiday, it would have been this cool tee shirt.

Sunrise 533

Overall it was a thoughtful fair, with booths advocating a better world for humans,Sunrise 539

for animals, including Athena the Barred Owl,

Sunrise 535

and even collecting a taste of home for those serving overseas.

Sunrise 543

It was a hot, hot day and we were all roasting,

Sunrise 610

but the parade lifted our wilting spirits with cool music from the decidedly rock end of the Bach to Rock spectrum,

Sunrise 626

an unexpected level of diversity,

Sunrise 618

and schoolkids performing their hearts out on the burning pavement.  There’s really nothing more one could ask for, but we still have dinner and fireworks to come.  Do we deserve this bounty?

To my way of thinking, we’ve finally got the President we’ve been waiting for and desperately need, the country is getting back on track, and we deserve a huge round of applause for showing the world who we really are.  I don’t know about you, but me, I like to be in America!

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2 Comments on “I Like To Be In America”

  1. zuleme Says:

    We sang this with a truck load of French kids we were taking to the beach one summer. Elisa and boyfriend Julien will be here for August and then we will fly back together. That’s the plan, anyway.

  2. Barbara Says:

    Hiiiiiiii Maryse! Amusez-vous bien!

    It’s so refreshing to see a country celebrating it’s birthday (and probably so much more this year) without having military parades. Tells a lot about the country.

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