Mon Pays Natal

San Francisco 074

Your pays natal is the place you’re from, where you were born, a special place that your heart calls home.  In my case, it’s San Francisco, and although I haven’t been here in years, that’s where I am today.  A lot has changed, but many things from my childhood are alive and well, thriving even amidst the push to rebuild and replace that overcomes all cities.

San Francisco 020

When you grow up in San Francisco, Coit Tower means a lot to you.  Visible from almost everywhere, it’s where you look to orient yourself and keep from getting lost,

San Francisco 070

it’s a place you visit as a school kid to study the WPA murals that recount California’s history,

San Francisco 062

and if you can afford the elevator, it’s a place you go to get a birdseye view of home.

San Francisco 047

Those murals, with their moving examples of socialist realist art, inspired my childhood.  California’s agricultural heritage

San Francisco 038

is alive and well today, transformed by the demands of the times.

San Francisco 067

Where once women packed and canned the bounty of San Francisco Bay,

San Francisco 023

today well-to-do gourmets put the egg before the fish.

San Francisco 066

While there are probably still some San Franciscans reading Das Capital, it’s more likely that they’re reading

San Francisco 082

menus at an Israeli restaurant (no relation),

San Francisco 002

or a Russian deli.

San Francisco 068

In place of cafés with a 25¢ lunch special

San Francisco 081

it’s the San Francisco version of a  French café, where, as I can sadly testify, one is obliged to drop $35 for two sandwiches and two single shot espressos.

San Francisco 045

Our notions of public art have changed, and instead of glorifying bucolic physical labor we offer sightseers

San Francisco 005

what, exactly?

San Francisco 048

It’s hard not to be nostalgic for the past, but then, that’s what the whole pays natal thing is about, and today, that’s my story and I’m surrendering to it.

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3 Comments on “Mon Pays Natal”

  1. Sue Geisler Says:

    I hope you enjoy your time here – the weather is delightful this week.

  2. zuleme Says:

    I am from Cape Cod and can trace my family on the Cape back to the Mayflower. As soon as I smell salt air I am happy. The sight of a little shingled house with roses on a trellis fills me with joy. On the other hand, the Cape has changed so much and is so over developed and so over populated that I start feeling crammed in and ready to head for the mountains again. Then as soon as I spot the mountains once you hit Ossipee, I feel like I’m home.
    Nostalgia is a powerful force.

  3. Margaret Pilgrim Says:

    Abra, it’s Tuesday now and I just read that you are here in San Francisco. If you have time and inclination, give us an email and drop by for an apero. Or whatever.

    In all events, enjoy. Tomorrow should be warmer.

    Best, margaret

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