Record High

Sunrise 330

It was almost too hot to eat tonight.  Almost, but not quite.  We did set a record high for the date, though, topping out at 89° F.  Which, just to keep things in perspective, was hotter than it was in Aubais, where Beppo and Zazou are no doubt shedding fur in self-defense, and where it’s a paltry 82°.  We leave the south of France and come to cool, cloudy Seattle, “where it rains all the time” and we’re hotter than the denizens of our erstwhile Mediterranean home?  This is weird.

And it also poses the problem of what to eat.  Since I’m pretty sure that my problem is your problem, because wherever you are this summer there will be days that are way too warm and you’ll be panting for a cool and refreshing supper, here’s my tip: cold soba noodle salad.  Here’s a way to get a complete meal in a single bowl without heating up the kitchen too much.  It’s buckwheat, for those of you that avoid gluten.  It’s chock full of green stuff, virtuous as all get out, and will revive even the most heat-impaired appetite.

I started with this recipe, but you know me, I’m not a slave to the mere written word.  I had smoked chicken left over, in it went.  In pots on the deck there were lime mint, basil, and chives.  Into the bowl.   The fridge yielded cilantro and a nice bunch of arugula, which met a similar fate.  A basket of fresh limes?  Squeeze ’em right over it all.  Peanuts and cashews in the cupboard?  You guessed it.  Next time I’ll grate in some fresh ginger and give it all a drizzle of Sriracha sauce for an even zingier bowlful.  What I’m trying to say here is that with this recipe you have a very good foundation, an underwire bra sort of a salad.  But you’ll want to give it bounce, pizzazz, that little flirty thing or two that says it’s you.  I say go for it.

Sunrise 336

And eat it outdoors, if at all possible, preferably on a deck facing the water.  I’m not saying that I arranged for this ship to pass the house in the middle of dinner, but it did.

Sunrise 338

Nor am I saying that I arranged for the sun to set behind the mast that’s a peculiarly integral part of our house ,while the moon was already in the sky, but it did. 

Never underestimate the powers of a perfect summer salad supper, that’s all I’m saying.

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3 Comments on “Record High”

  1. Della Says:

    Lovely dinner and view!

  2. Margaret Says:

    I like the ‘underwire bra/foundation recipe’ analogy!

  3. zuleme Says:

    That is a great idea for a dish and is exactly the kind of thing my husband will love, anything with a noodle goes down well around here. Since we like vegetarian dishes the best, I am going to try it with Quorn.
    And we have a huge patch of chives in the garden.
    You have a lovely view from your yard. I do too, but it is mountains.

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