Food, Wine, France? Not So Much!


This just in: despite appearances, you’re not really here for the French food and wine.  I have to admit to being a little stunned myself, but 100 of you have spoken, via the poll, Facebook, and email, and the results are as scientific as a hand-dated label, as robust as a good red Saint Nicolas de Bourgueil, and as clear as the silvery trail of a snail on a cool winter morning.

A kindly 2% of you think that I might need a break from writing.  A tiny 4% are only interested if French Letters really pertains to France.  18% of you want me to write about food and wine, wherever I am.  And the rest, a whopping 68% of you,  just want me to write something, anything, so you can follow my mind’s meanderings and see through my little Canon’s eye.

Because the poll allowed for comments under the heading of “other,” I also received some interesting anonymous advice.  People suggested that I write US Letters in French in order to practice the subjunctive (thanks, but probably not), that I talk about food that’s available in the US as compared to what we have in France, that I write about food on Bainbridge island (our little corner of America), and above all, that I just write.  Lots of you also left comments in the public Comment section, and you can see those here.  I appreciate them all, each and every one.  Thanks so much for taking the time to tell me what French Letters means to you.  It’s made these last days of packing and saying our goodbyes that much lighter

A comment that really hit home for me is the one from Lori, someone that I don’t know in “real” life.  She said “Your blog has made me pay attention to things in my own life that I would never have noticed before.”  And although I hadn’t thought to articulate the mission of French Letters in quite that way, it seems to me now that indeed, that must be why I write, to enrich the way you see your own world.  

Since serendipity and the unfolding of the universe, whether orderly or chaotic, have dictated that you and I are on the planet at the same moment in time, and that we have access to the collective thought form that is the Internet, let’s profit from our proximity.  I’ll write, you’ll read, it’s symbiotic. 

So, I officially invite you to come with me on a wild ride to the US.  I can guarantee that food, wine, and yes, even France, will play a big part in the story of the next four months.

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2 Comments on “Food, Wine, France? Not So Much!”

  1. Nan Says:

    I’m another who you don’t know in “real” life. I enjoy your musings, adventures and photos. I found your blog at a hard time in my life, I’ve been reading it ever since. Have a safe trip home and I look forward to reading when you’ve arrived

  2. Nina Says:

    We, too, are following the path of cancer and we share a love for France. We hope that this is a good time in the US and that you, and we, make it to the other side of the battle,if not the war, and back to France.

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