Wisteria Hysteria


Like the glycine in the garden this year, our life here is lush, richly colored, fragrant and delicious and brimming with growth.


How quickly we’ve grown roots, how our lives have become entwined with this place.  How profoundly we flourish and flower here.  How hard it is to leave.

Far more than just  a place to call home, it actually feels like home to us much of the time.  We constantly envy our Dutch and English friends, who can have two homes in two countries that are only some number of car lengths apart.  Our two would-be homes are so far apart that we’re torn between them, every day.


Meanwhile the days pass faster and faster, as days are wont to do.  The to-do list grows by leaps and bounds, the wisteria climbs the cypress, the packing boxes pile high.  Friends here ask us why we’re leaving, if we’re coming back, and how soon.  Friends and family on the other side shower us with come-home wishes.  Beppo and Zazou are blissfully ignorant of the fact that they’ll stay in France and wait for our return, a long wait, in the life of a cat.


One day soon we’ll close this gate behind us and step back into the world we once called our own.  I’m so glad we didn’t leave before the wisteria bloomed.

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10 Comments on “Wisteria Hysteria”

  1. Nancy Says:

    The writing and photos are beautiful, again, as they always are. Just how long is the wait expected to be before you and your cats are back together? Sorry if you’ve explained all this elsewhere and I’ve overlooked it –

  2. Abra Bennett Says:

    We’ll snuggle them again in September. It’s a long catless summer stretching ahead, four months of furlessness.

  3. Rona Y Says:

    If you think you’ll be in the same place the entire summer, I hope you’ll consider fostering. A whole catless summer may be too much to bear! Or you could beg to catsit for your travelling friends!

    I’m actually doing the opposite, and I’ll be spending the summer back in Canada with my not-so-little furry one!

  4. Tina Says:

    I’m really very sorry to hear that you are leaving as I have just discovered your beautiful website. I love France and will be there this summer after a three year absence. I will be looking forward to your return.

  5. Dedene Says:

    Four months isn’t so long to be gone. At least, you’re coming back.
    Beautiful wisteria. My plants are going crazy, too, this spring.

  6. Char Says:

    Abra, once again your writing has reached a new peak !


  7. Nancy Says:

    It isn’t just the writing; the photos are spectacular!

    Will the cats be at the same house, with someone occupying the place for the summer? Or are you letting the house go and leaving the cats with friends at their place? (My husband and I are contemplating a similar sustained move in a couple of years, leaving the house, cats and dog in someone else’s care. I’d appreciate your insights to the process.)

  8. Kathy Says:

    We do look forward to seeing you this summer. I hope you will continue to post from the States. It will help your French friends cope with your absence (as it helped us). Also, I’m sure your time in France has changed how you will view your old home. What will you cook? Where will you shop? What will you gladly rediscover and what will you sorely miss? Please post.

  9. La Calmette Says:

    Hello Abra and Shell!
    We were very happy to make your knowledge today and to taste your marvellous dish will remain in our memory! What a delight that these stuffed morels! You will close the door behind you… but it is for better returning soon.
    thank you still … see you later
    Yvette and Jack

  10. Gayle Says:

    Thanks for sharing those breathtaking Wysteria pics. I’m glad you didn’t miss that spendor! A few years ago I went to Holland and England for a few weeks. Loved all of those tulips fields however the price I had to pay was missing all the blossoming trees at home.

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