La Belle Neige


A beautiful snow is falling. At lunch in the café today, the proprietor ducked as a regular customer with impeccable aim threw a snowball into the midst of lunch service.  Later, when the second one hit, he first yelled “pas de boules de neige dans le café” in a fruitless attempt to forbid snowballs to enter, then finally he put on his coat and went out to toss them around with the slightly rowdy crowd out front.  We stayed inside, eating rabbit in mustard sauce, knowing that our turn to get all snowy under the collar would come soon enough.

 Lest you think that the south of France is all


tile roofs and swimming pools,


and the sort of place where one is perpetually dressed for the beach, let me just say: nope.  Pas du tout.


Coming home from the market today Shel pulled our wheeled shopping cart through the snowy yard,


past rosebuds that won’t make it,


lemons that need to be picked right away,


and the last of the peppers that, alas, should have been picked well before snowfall.


Cooking dinner tonight I glanced out the window into the darkness and did a double take: what the hail?

We didn’t have an arbre de Noël this year


but now, just a few days late, we have nature’s own Christmas tree. 

It’s butt-freezing cold, the streets are slippery, the furnace has been running full speed ahead all day long, our dinner guests took a snow check, but I don’t care.  I love snow, j’adore!

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5 Comments on “La Belle Neige”

  1. Eden Says:

    I am with you Abra. Almost everyone back here in Seattle was cranky about the snowpocolypse shutting the city down, but I was revelling in it’s wintry beauty (plus making snow pirates of course!)

    I think your belated arbre de Noël is lovely. Throw a snowball for me!

  2. Nancy Says:

    I agree with you that the snow is pretty. Is it unusual there? Citrus doesn’t usually get along with snow, and I’m guessing you don’t get it often.

    What do the cats make of the snow?

  3. Arne Says:

    I’m with your friend from Seattle … you can keep it!

    Actually, the White Christmas was really fun. But in the PNW we’re used to rain coming one or two days after the snow … not more snow!

    LOVE the picture of the lemon. Remember, you’ll be picking tomatoes in no time!

  4. KarenK Says:

    Beautiful photos, Abra! Best New Year’s wishes to you and Shel.

  5. Beautiful photos. I am enjoying our snowy winter as it’s such a great change from constant rain!

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