Giving Thanks For You


I can’t keep it under my hat.  You, dear readers, are the best.  Probably you have no idea how much your comments mean to me.  Probably many of you don’t read the comments of your fellow readers.  So today, let me give thanks to all of you that have added your own words to French Letters this year.  Here’s just a small sampling of comments that have really inspired me to make French Letters all it can be.

“Thanks so much for always being a bright spot in our days, a faithful foodie and a wonderful writer.” K.

Thank you for sharing your travels and times with us, and for sharing your talents with us so generously.” Nancy

“Your blog brightens my day no matter how gloomy the weather!” Char

“Such a beautiful moment, reading your words, seeing the photos, your sentiment catches in my throat, and I feel my own life’s desires as I examine yours.” Rebecca

“That is some wonderful looking tripe! I love tripe so much!”  Rocky

Merci Abra pour tant de générosité de ta cuisine, tant de grâce autour de la table, tant d’amitié.”  Marie

“You’re a fine, fine writer….capturing, so well, the delights and the delight in your ‘voice’.”  Ray

“Abra, your last paragraph brought tears to my eyes…. Happy Anniversary and thank you for sharing your journey.”  Patti

“That Swiss Chard Pie looks absolutely splendid! Can’t wait to make it.”  John

“I finally went to this website…and it’s much more spectacular than I’d expected. If it were a book I’m sure I’d purchase it!”  Elaine

“Abra, the tenderness of this touched my heart.”  Margo

“I believe that you’d prove an admirable cook no matter what culture you dropped yourself down into.”  Jan

“We’ll raise a glass and smoke a brisket in your honour!”  Arne

I’m telling you, you have to take your blog and photos and make them into a book when you come back!”  Debra

“Thanks for making us feel like we are part of your excellent adventure .”  Sharon

“A cheeseburger is sometimes just what the doctor ordered.”  Carolyn

“We love you and love keeping up with you on your blog.”  Kathy and John

“You’re a gem Abra and our world is a better place because of you!”  Carrie

“I thank you for your authentic and most enjoyable writing which brings back holiday memories and “feeds” the urge to spend as soon as possible the next holidays in France again.”  Wolfgang

Your photos and writing help me to see my own surroundings with new joy and wonder.”  Heidi

I routinely read your blog mainly because it enables me to be transported to France vicariously….Your photographs are superb and your writing easy and interesting.”  Sandra

For the first time ever, I bought fresh sardines just based on this post!”  Rona

This entry sends me off to ponder the meaning of my existence and making it a life worth living. As for the future, while it is true many of us are drawn to reading your words because of a shared passion for food and drink, but the pleasure of reading this blog is found equally in entries that speak to totally unrelated topics. Which is a testament to the clarity of your writing and freshness of your perspective.” Shaya

“You captured the gleam of the kitchen, the scents in the air, the happy talk and laughter while sharing a wonderful time of cooking and eating. And there cannot be enough of your beautiful photography.”  Rachel

“Let no one underestimate the healing power of Rock and Roll, and the determination and courage of Shel and Abra.”  Barry

“Every day as I read your posts I find tears stinging my eyes.”  Lauren

“It looks delectable.”  Lucy

“You write with such beauty, clarity, and love.  This truly brought tears to my eyes.”  Andrea

“I really want to say how appreciative I am of your evocative, well-written, beautifully illustrated vignettes on your lives if France. Things, that I, as a French native, might not even have paid attention to.”  Sophie

“Your blog puts so much good karma into the world. I hope that it comes back to you tenfold.”  Lori

Your writing has opened my eyes and my mind into another country, another family’s way of living and putting food on the table and traveling and eating with friends and family, the good times and the not-so-good – I’ve laughed and cried over your blog entries – you’ve opened a door into your life in such a beautiful way.”  Karen 

“Vive la France! Vive le French Letters!”  Eden

See why I love you?  So thank you one and all, those mentioned here and those I’ll thank next year.  Thanks to the dozens of you that I know and the hundreds of you that I don’t.  Thanks for being here with me, and with each other, and may your Thanksgiving be delicious in every way.

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5 Comments on “Giving Thanks For You”

  1. Gfron1 Says:

    What a wonderful “thanks” that you give us. Reading the quotes, I see so many names that I’ve come to care about over the past years. What a beautiful community we have among the food bloggers. Thanks!

  2. racheld Says:


    I have no words. Not for the BEAUTIFUL of this, nor the brightness, nor the underthoughts which pace your days.

    We’ll be away for a bit, but I wanted you to know I think of you and yours every day. And in and of itself, your site is just perfectly delicious, with the savors flowing off the page with the pictures and the words.

    Thank you for this. It’s an important part of my day, and I’m thankful for YOU.


  3. Nina Says:

    And thank you, Abra, for the beauty of your writing, the wonderful pictiures, and, above all, for your courage and the clarity of its expression. This is a blessing every day that there is a new post.

  4. Wolfgang Says:

    I bow my head and I thank you for quoting me,
    despite the fact, that you two have to deal with more severe problems than my comment.
    As from my own experience, same constellation, I know first hand ,
    what you two have to endure, what you two as wife and husband have to conquer.
    As we say here in Germany Hut ab, in France Chapeau! Bonne Chance ét plus de Fortune.
    My deepest regards to you both!

  5. Arne Says:

    This is all too eerie. I was just saying to Janine how inadequate my words felt, trying to let you guys know how much we were both thinking of you. And then today’s post.

    I am truly humbled.

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