French Hospital Food

Imagine that you’re in a French hospital.  Now imagine that you’ve already had one relatively small surgery and will be having two more operations within the next few days.  Imagine you’re in a lot of pain, you’re scared,  and you don’t understand much of what the nurses and doctors say to you.  Imagine that you haven’t been allowed to eat or drink for four or five days, and that you’re facing another week of nothing by mouth.  Imagine how much you’d like to have a glass of cool water.

Now imagine you’re Shel.  Good imagination. 

See you when we get through all this.  Have something good to eat on Shel’s behalf.  Have a glass of wine on mine.  If you’re the praying sort, do that too.

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18 Comments on “French Hospital Food”

  1. Nan Says:

    I’m saying a prayer for both of you. Someone told me about your blog and I’ve so enjoyed your pictures and reading about your life since you started this French adventure. Thank you for sharing your life in France. God Bless, Nan

  2. Carolyn & Bob Says:

    Remets-toi vite! Saying prayers of health and best wishes for you both.

  3. Arne and Janine Says:


    We’ve been thinking about both of you so much since we’ve been in France, and our thoughts will continue to be with you. Give Shel a huge hug from us (and one for you too!) and as my brother would say (as would many good Canadians), Keep your stick on the ice.


  4. Ray Says:

    my wishes for a speedy recovery for Shel and a votre sante to you both….

  5. Eden Says:

    We are thinking good thoughts really hard for Shel and for you. Please give him our regards & good wishes. Sounds like we should have something stiffer than a glass of wine on your behalf!

  6. Rebecca263 Says:

    You’re both in our thoughts and prayers- as we say in my ‘neck of the world’- refuah shlema to Shel…

  7. Amy Says:

    Albert and I have missed you both and have loved reading about your French adventures while you have been abroad. We keep you both in our thoughts and prayers – and someday we will be able to share our adventures in Vietnam with you. “Keep on the sunny side” as the old song says. Hugs to both of you. Email me if you wish. I know you’re focusing on other things right now. Namaste –

  8. Nancy Says:

    My thoughts and prayers go to you and on your behalf: for strength, good cheer and comfort, and a full, rapid recovery. Blessings on you both!

  9. Lauren Says:

    Abra and Shel, I will be sending positive thoughts and energy your way. Strength to both of you.

  10. Best wishes for a successful surgery and a prompt recovery for Shel. And fortitude for you, Abra.

  11. Jan Lang Says:

    So sorry to hear this. Gary and I send positive thoughts and prayers for quick recovery for Shel and strength and comfort for both of you.

  12. We all hope the Op was successful Abra,and that Shel has some relief now . EVERYONE here in Montpellier sends Love and Best Wishes to you Both and if you need us ,just call ,and “we’ll come running” (Shel knows the words!)

    Love and Hugs from all the Boys and Girls in your Band (s)

  13. Abra Bennett Says:

    Thanks to all of you who sent good wishes, either here or via email. Special thanks to those of you who did so in spite of the fact that you’ve never met Shel, or me. That’s really exceptional.

    He’s done with one surgery and will be having another tomorrow or Thursday. I’ll get back to you afetr that. There’s a LOT to be said about French hospitals and how they’re different from American hospitals, for better and for worse.

  14. Hi Abra and Shel,

    I wish Shel a speedy recovery and will be saying an extra prayer from Israel for both of you tonight.

    Take care,

    aka Swisskaese/Baroness Tapuzina

  15. Jeanne Says:

    thinking of you both and praying for a complete and speedy recovery for Shel. Raising a glass to you both tonight..

  16. Lucy Says:

    Thoughts for strength for Shel and for you. Hoping the second surgery comes quickly and goes well. Love, L

  17. Char Says:

    Abra and Shel,

    I sending a big hug your way and my strongest, most positive thoughts for a speedy recovery.

    Charlene and Richard Cooper

  18. Rona Y Says:

    I hope the follow-up surgery was a success, and that Shel’s out of the hospital soon! Take care of Shel, but take care of yourself, too, Abra.

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