A Friend Indeed

Way back at the end of January I wrote A Friend In Need.  And it’s taken all of that time for Zazou to find her way into our life, but now here she is, in all of her funny-faced, crooked-tail glory.  I’ve been waiting to unveil her, waiting to be sure that Beppo agrees with our choice.  But now that she’s been here for 48 hours, I think she’s ours.

She’s only 7 weeks old, perhaps a bit young to be suddenly surrounded by strangers.  She likes to eat right from my fingers (or maybe that’s just because she’s a chef’s cat, given to us by a restauranteur) and she’s very interested in Beppo, even when he’s trying to have a peaceful nap.

She’s also majorly full of mischief

and has a tail-pouncing fetish.  Beppo has a very beautiful tail which Zazou evidently finds irresistable

but if she can’t get to his tail she’ll pounce any available part.

Beppo has been known to box her ears lightly under these circumstances, but all in all it looks to us like a happy cat family in the making.

Beppo, I’m sorry it took us so long to find you a friend, but I think this is going to be true love, the kind worth waiting for.  Just keep your tail tucked in and your heart open, and ça va aller, ça va très bien aller.

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10 Comments on “A Friend Indeed”

  1. Nancy Says:

    She’s beautiful! It’s a really fine sign that Beppo likes her already. She’ll add years to his life and joy to yours. Welcome, Zazou!

  2. Michel Says:

    She’s adorable!!! And I’m a dog person, but she is just too cute. Glad to see Beppo has some feline company.

  3. Debra Lane Says:

    OMG – she is SO cute! We have two additions to our household also. Sushi and Sake. I remember you had a Sushi kitty.

  4. Marigene Says:

    What an absolutely gorgeous kitten! She reminds me our calico Picasso!

  5. Eden Says:

    What a little doll! I am so glad you finally found a friend for Beppo! I hope his health is doing well & am sure that a big dose of kitten can’t help but be good for him (and for you two) Please continue to post lots of baby pictures so I can live vicariously :->

  6. Lauren Says:

    She’s adorable! Paul and I are preparing to enter into the same situation of finding a friend for Alex. I’m happy to see that they get along so well!

  7. islandlass Says:

    Looks like she’ll keep Beppo on his toes; perhaps you guys too! Makes me want a cat or two again.

  8. I wish my cats were as welcoming as Beppo the foundling we are trying to introduce!

  9. Rona Y Says:

    I’m so happy to see Beppo with his new friend, but I’m even happier to see him healthy! She’s really adorable–a perfect match for him, despite the age difference!

  10. sally robison Says:

    I seem to be behind the news, and what new this blog has. Of course, I sympathize with Shel, and feel relived that the worst is over, you have a new cat, the windows are distracting, aa the splendid food continues. How wonderfully you write!

    I’ll do better, promise.

    You know we sold our house and are now happy in our condo. Your renters are moving in this week, I think. Small world? Larger house with great view? most likely.

    An Alabama kiss for Shel.
    Get well and come home.

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