Mettre La Main À La Pâte

Mettre la main à la pâte is literally to put your hand in the dough, but in use it means to get involved, to get down to work in a hands-on way.  And that’s just what I’ve got to do: roll up my sleeves and dive right in to tackle the slightly horrifying invasion of my kitchen.  Work’s come a knockin’, and my idyllically lazy summer sloth is about to be interrupted by a day’s hard labor.  Blame it on the fruit.

First of all, we discovered that we have a plum tree that we didn’t even know we had.  It’s so tall, at least 20 feet, that we’d always thought of it as a shade tree.  But when small plums started dropping everywhere, we hauled out the ladder and retrieved as many as we could, which was, in fact, rather a lot.

Second of all, I can’t resist buying or gathering fruit, wherever I see it, no matter that the counter is already heaped high.

In the kitchen right now are blackberries, apricots, nectarines, cherries, figs, the aforementioned plums, and some watermelon that I’m pretending doesn’t count.  The watermelon is getting ignored because it isn’t the sort that one uses to make jam, while all of the other fruits definitely are.  And that’s what I should be doing, making jams and tarts, and doing my part to keep summer’s bounty available for months, instead of encouraging the already impressive French fruit fly population.

So here I am, on a hot Sunday morning, preparing to worship at the altar of fructose.  Hallelujah, sweet fruit, ready or not, here I come.  Fortunately we’re having guests tomorrow, guests with children.  Children who, now that I think of it,  might be just the right age to appreciate an all-jam dinner.

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