Father’s Day in France

It’s La Fête des Pères in France today, so here’s a little glimpse into what French guys like to do.  And number one on the hit parade, of older French guys at least, is: play boules!  Almost every village has a boules court, if not a whole boulodrome, and you can always find guys there arguing, smoking, and tossing their balls with greater and lesser degrees of finesse.

Number two has got to be: riding motorcycles.  I know what you’re thinking, and it’s one of two things.  One is that no self-respecting guy parks his motorcycle amidst the lavender.  But remember, this is France we’re talking about.  The other is that I should have mentioned sex as number one or two, about which you might be right but I just don’t happen to have any suitable pictures for that.  Or wait, how about this?

I’m sure that a lot of French guys are admiring feminine pulchritude today, in whatever form.  But then, is that really so different from every other day?

Probably every French guy is having a glass or two of wine today, and as you can see, a lot of it will not be a grand cru dusted off from a well-tended cellar.

I’m pretty sure there are guys out there who are wondering whether, as a Father’s Day gift to themselves, they should trade in the dear old cult vehicle for one of those trendy road hogs you’re starting to see everywhere.

And then, somewhere near the top of the list, but something that goes without saying, is that French guys love good food.  Something beautiful like this salad of mixed seafood would be just the thing.

So happy Father’s Day to all you fathers of whatever nationality, may your day be filled with wine, women, and song.  Oh, and motorcycles.

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