How To Celebrate Your 13th Anniversary

Forget what they say about lace being the right gift after thirteen years of marriage.  I say: take a trip to Provence, it’s much more of a thrill than the laciest of lace.  Just pack it up and go a place where love is in the air, in this case, an abandoned water tower atop a hillside near Roussillon.  Love’s like that, found in the most surprising places, even amidst the rubble and graffiti.

If you can manage it, wake up somewhere enchanted.  A 600 year old room facing Bonnieux is a good choice, but the main thing is to start the day well.  A day that begins with watching your beloved pick his or her nose can be the best day of your life.  Not that I’d know anything about that myself, of course not. 

Seek out pampering.  You can’t do better than Maison Gonzagues in Cotignac, where Stéphane and Martine Le Flammanc will wine and dine you like a dream come true.  Submit to being well taken care of and made to feel thoroughly special, it’s what you need to do on such a momentous day.  If you tell them it’s your anniversary you might get a passionately red sheet on your bed and a special smile in the morning.

Eat something beautiful.  If we are what we eat, make sure that as well as being beautiful it’s tantalizing, clever, satisfying, rich, and full of life.  Try to be all that yourself.

Look at that person who’s given you 13 years and be grateful.  Remember you could have spent those 13 years in misery, crankiness, loneliness, dire straits and desperate conditions.  Instead there’s someone who loves you just the way you are and has the cookie to prove it.  Eat half the cookie and give the rest to the one you love.  Say thank you.

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10 Comments on “How To Celebrate Your 13th Anniversary”

  1. Ray Says:


  2. Michel Says:

    Abra, that was beautiful! Happy Anniversary to you and Shel (and Beppo, of course)!

  3. Jan Lang Says:

    Happy Anniversary you two!!

  4. Patti Says:

    Abra, your last paragraph brought tears to my eyes. We celebrate our 13th anniversary in August. I am very gratefrul. Happy Anniversary and thank you for sharing your journey.

  5. Pille Says:

    Happy anniversary! What a touching post!

  6. Rebecca263 Says:

    All the best to both of you, and I( send you white light and warm thoughts for many, many, MANY more years of shared existence, and grateful affections.

  7. Debra Lane Says:

    Happy Anniversary Abra and Shel! Dusty and I just celebrated our 18th this past week as well. Life is good!

  8. Eden Says:

    Tanti Auguri!

    Bill & I were just talking last night about how we might want to spend our anniversary this Fall, and that for our 15th we want to emulate you guys & rent a little house in Europe for an extended stay….

  9. Happy Anniversary Abra!!! It’s great to see Shel, maybe a picture of YOU would be great too! I’m coming up on my 20th in the fall. I’m putting a link to your blog in The Parchment Paper this week. Hugs, ~Sharon

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