Every French Woman’s Fantasy

There’s something about a hat.  How could you not be the most beautiful woman in France, if you were lucky enough to be wearing one of these hats?  I linger in front of this window, imagining the different lives I would lead if the hats were mine.  A queen might wear these, or a princess. 

As we know, every little girl wants to grow up to be a princess,

and I’m guessing that a good bit of that is about the hat.  The right hat adds stature,



and allure.  A woman in the right hat,

she’s got you coming and going, she’ll sweep through your dreams, brushing them with color and mystery.  

And I’m happy to say that in at least one little town in France there’s a hat for every woman

and a woman for every hat.


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4 Comments on “Every French Woman’s Fantasy”

  1. Rebecca263 Says:

    Thank goodness for hats!

  2. Jessica M Says:

    How poetic! I love it!

  3. Eden Says:

    There is nothing wrong with giving in to your inner princess once in a while :-> I love the opening & closing photos, and I know just how those women feel – I want the one in the back with the bright red edging!

  4. Jean Morris Says:

    I noticed that all the ladies are wearing skirts, and modest ones. I think that is also a good thing. Jean

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