Un De Mes Plus Beaux Jours

It was a gorgeous weekend, sunny and summer-hot.  And wonder of wonders, there was an accordion festival nearby, which is how we came to spend one of the most beautiful days in recent memory.  I know that Americans tend to scoff at the accordion, but there’s a wonderfully rich tradition of French accordion music, so a squeeze-box festival was my idea of perfect weekend entertainment.

We started out on foot, about 4 kilometers across green fields dotted with poppies.  Arriving hot and more than a little wilted we joined a happy crowd, including a busload of Italian tourists, at picnic benches in the shade of the plane trees for lunch and refreshment.  It was semi-hilarious to get steaming bowls of pork curry on a hot afternoon in France, but it tasted great with glass after glass of cool water and a pitcher of rosé. 

Those who didn’t refresh themselves with pork curry and rosé managed as best they could.

Even the boule players seemed to be spending an awful lot of time in the shade.

The musicians were in full sun and full form.

This family of six were all accomplished musicians, even down to the littlest kid.

The scent of honeysuckle intoxicated the town and danced with the nostalgic music

while the bees and I buried our faces in the masses of flowers. 

It was altogether one of those enchanted days, one of those days that is the best day of your life, until the next one comes along.

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3 Comments on “Un De Mes Plus Beaux Jours”

  1. Nancy Says:

    …”one of those days that is the best day of your life, until the next one comes along”

    How I do love a finely-turned phrase. That one’s a keeper.

    What is the instrument being played by the fellow in the white hat, on the left side of the last picture of musicians? It looks like some sort of whistle. I’ve never seen a whistle with that crook on the end, and the mouthpiece looks unusual as well. What did it sound like?

  2. Eden Says:

    that’s a Crumhorn (no idea what they’re called in french) they make a fun slightly nasal sound like a chanter, very big in early music…

    Sounds like a lovely day!

  3. katherine wienen-van den brink Says:

    Hello Abra,
    reading this made me wish I was there !!! Was the accordeonfestival in St. Quentin la Poterie? I remember we visited a similar festival there last year.

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