More Morels, Madame?

Today, today, the 1st of May, I made a special dinner for friends, a dinner of foods all in a row.  Everything sang of spring, including these fresh morels, stuffed with a savory panade and baked until golden, then served atop a risotto enriched with black truffle butter and a broth I made with the morel stems.

These are male zucchini flowers stuffed with basil, cheese, little zucchini slices, shallots, and other filling things.  They were prettiest as you see them here, before baking, but they were still delicious and beautiful on the plate.  The Chateau de Montfaucon Comtesse Madeleine that we drank with them was pure ambrosia.

There was an aperitif cake made with peppers, zucchini, and olives, and a lovely Chateau Haut-Musiel rosé to go with it.  There were also asparagus, leek, and goat cheese tarts, and strawberry shortcake, but those escaped the camera in the rush of things.

In Europe it’s the day of workers, the day they don’t work, that is.  A day for demonstrations and talk about workers’ rights, relaxation and hanging out with family and friends, and in France it’s the day when everyone gives each other lilies of the valley.

It’s a beautiful custom, giving the pungent little bells to those you like and love, and I gave out as many as possible, and received some beauties in return.  It’s hard to think of a nicer way to spend a day, wining and dining your friends, giving and getting flowers.  And now it’s May.

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7 Comments on “More Morels, Madame?”

  1. Marie Laborde Says:

    Je peux dire que c’était encore mieux que sur les photos — j’y étais. Tout était exquis… le cake, les morilles, les fleurs de courgette farcies… mmmmmh! Merci Abra pour tant de générosité de ta cuisine, tant de grâce autour de la table, tant d’amitié.

  2. Pille Says:

    I spotted some other spring mushrooms at the market today, but no morels. Luckily, the ones I got are delicious,too – just not as pretty 🙂
    Could you elaborate on the stuffed morels recipe a bit more, please? They sound fascinating.

  3. Abra Says:

    The morel stuffing was based on the Morels Stuffed With Panade Paste from this mushroom site:

    I used poitrine fumé, which is more or less bacon, about 3 slices worth. About triple the parsley, and heavy cream instead of half and half. The proportions aren’t too important,, actually, it’s really just a concept. I sautéed the morels empty in butter until they were golden, because I wanted to stuff them ahead of time and just pop them in the oven. Once stuffed I gave them 25 minutes, uncovered, in a 350 oven until they stuffing was sizzling. I didn’t have Madeira so I gave them a drizzle of vin de nouix at the end. They were exceptionally wonderful.

  4. Wendy Miller Says:

    I have never heard of stuffing morels! How fantastic Abra!! Now, the stuffed zuch flowers….those are my favorites

  5. Betty C. Says:

    More beautiful close-ups — the apéritif cake looks great — do you have the famous book Les Cakes de Sophie? I’m not sure this particular recipe is in there — maybe — but the cookbook does give plenty of ideas for delicious “cakes,” both savory and sweet.

  6. Abra Says:

    I’ve never seen that book, but I’ll look for it, thanks. The cake is a funny and fun French creation. It’s especially nice when made with a really good olive oil.

  7. Michel Says:

    Oh man I LOVE morels!!!! This sounds like an amazing meal, as usual, chez Abra and Shel (and Beppo!). The pictures look great too, good enough to eat.

    Sigh… I miss France!

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