The Scorpion Chronicles

This is the latest scorpion to haunt my dreams.  Because I know that some of you doubt that scorpions really exist in France, I got as near as I dared and made this portrait.  And because scorpions don’t necessarily sit still to have their picture taken, you see him  just as he exists in my dreams, a bit fuzzy, inchoate anxiety incarnate, horrifyingly larger than life, freshly knocked off the ceiling over the bed and awaiting death on the bedside rug.  A death soon followed by a quick flushing down the tubes on his part, and a sleepless hour of ceiling-scanning on ours.

Sad to say, at the very moment the scorpion appeared, the bottle of lavender essence was wide open and wafting through the room.  Ok, maybe it wasn’t wafting all the way up to the ceiling, but then, if that was too far to waft, what good was it?  So now I have to report that although I wanted to believe, tried my best to make it true, loved the idea of lavender as the natural scourge of scorpions, this morning I called the exterminator.

True: exterminators use poison.
True: we put bees and spiders out doors as gently as possible.
True: scorpions are part of the ecosystem.
True: they were here before we were.
True: it’s either them or us.
Truer than true, it’s going to be us.

Sorry, Friends of Scorpions.  Sorry, Friends of Lavender.  Sorry, innocent scorpions who mean us no harm.  We’ve got to be able to sleep at night, and I want to dream sweetly of lavender.  Only lavender. Scorpion-free fields of lavender, just like everybody’s dream of the south of France.

One last, truly scary sorpion can be seen here.

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9 Comments on “The Scorpion Chronicles”

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  3. Klary Says:

    I do understand you.. we had an ant´s nest on our roofterrace and the ants were coming into the kitchen.. every morning there were more of them walking around on the countertops.. and after trying every possible ant-friendly method to just stop them from coming into the house (cloves, talcumpowder, copper coins, lemon juice…) I gave in and used the poisonous poison on the colony.. they´re gone now but I still feel bad about destroying the nest.. If only they had understood what I was trying to tell them, you don´t have to die just stay out of my kitchen !
    anyway you deserve undisturbed, lavender scented dreams!!

  4. Lucy V Says:

    Loic found a scorpion in his garage when he was a boy. They put it in a jar and they didn’t feed it the right things so it died. I think he still has it. Some don’t sting, Abra. If you show the exterminator he can tell you if its the dangerous kind or not. I hope they’re not the poisonous kind!

  5. Michel Says:


    Doesn’t Beppo chase them? Can’t he protect you? Sorry to hear you’re having some not-so-nice visitors but I guess that means it’s Spring!

  6. Eden Says:

    Have I mentioned how very very grateful I am that the house didn’t produce any scorpions during our vist?!!!

    I’m guessing you have to be out of the house for at least a day to avoid the chemicals used by the exterminator? If so, I’m sure you’ll be taking Beppo with you – which made me wonder: where does one go for a brief holiday with a Cat in France?

  7. spamwise Says:

    It’s funny (okay, maybe not funny ha ha) but I was thinking of scorpions last night while writing something. New York’s finally gotten around to building the Second Avenue subway after lo, seventy years and as you can imagine, the local wildlife has been scrambling looking for a new home.

    *waves to Abra and Lucy and everyone else*


  8. David R. Says:

    Lavender essence might not repel scorpions, but an actual lavender plant might be entirely different. You’re assuming that the part of the plant that we smell — which the essence distills — is the part of the pant that scorpions have a problem with; and that may well not be the case. It might be the bark, for example, or the roots, that scorpions hate; and neither of those would be contained in the essence. So I suggest trying the actual plant instead.

  9. Amy Says:

    I have been reading about controlling scorpions, as we are moving to Arizoina. I don’t believe you leave a cup of lavender out, I think your supposed to add it to a spray and infuse the scent. I will be trying this as well as having several potted lavender plants decorate our home. Will follow up!!

    Not giving up on Lanvendar!

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