Ma Belle Mère Est Arivée

After two flights and a long car ride, my mother-in-law arrived chez nous.  Really, about all she wanted to do when she got here was to close her eyes and put her feet up on something that wasn’t moving, and Beppo decided to be her partner in crime.

The house is clean and full of flowers

the fridge is stocked, the weather is warm, and my mother-in-law has come to visit.  Really, what more could anyone want?

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3 Comments on “Ma Belle Mère Est Arivée”

  1. Lauren Says:

    What a sweet picture. I love Beppo’s paw on her ankle. Have a great visit.

  2. Jean Morris Says:

    I hope Margaret has a wonderful time with you in France. She has been looking forward to her visit with you. Write all about what you do. Jean Morris

  3. Price Naryka Says:

    We miss Margaret but know she is having a wonderful time. Margaret, all is well in Atlanta, You are missing some gorgeous weather, but I am sure the tradeoffs in France are well worth a few pretty Spring days.

    Price and Joe

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