Scorpions And Lavender

The time has changed here, the mornings are dark, and normally it’s hard to wake up.  But opening my eyes to a scorpion perched on the ceiling over my pillow gets me out of bed in a jiffy.  I’m not as troubled by the nasty little beasties as I used to be, since we’ve discovered half a dozen or so in the house and have managed to dispatch them all without incident, but I’ve got to say that scorpions just don’t belong on the ceiling over the bed.  It’s creepy, imagining them up there while we’re sleeping, doing whatever scorpions do when they’re not stinging people.  I know they were here first, but they’ve got to go.

Ever since I wrote this about finding scorpions in the house here in the south of France, scorpions have been the star attraction of French Letters.  As of today, over 1000 people have read the scorpion post, and most of them are looking for hints about how to keep scorpions out of the house using lavender.  I’d never before heard of this treatment, never previously having been anywhere near a scorpion.  But readers have insisted that lavender repels scorpions, and scorpions repel me, so it’s time I tested out this theory.

Off I went to the market to see the lavender distillers.  With this still setup

they perfume the whole market with lavender, and produce all sorts of little bottles of lavender essences and aromas and oils and sprays.  I asked the vendors whether they’d ever heard of using lavender as a scorpion repellent.  “But of course” they answered, and suggested that I dab some of the abrial essence, the strongest type, on the walls of the bedroom.  So that’s what I’ll be doing before going to bed tonight, dabbing and hoping.  For good measure I’ll put the open bottle on the night stand by my pillow.

But here’s the thing.  How will I know if it’s working?  If I see another scorpion in the bedroom, ok, it’s clearly just urban legend.  But if I see no scorpions, what will that mean?  Maybe it’s the lavender, but maybe they’ve just moved outdoors into the spring weather.  Or maybe they’re still there, right over the bed, but only in the dark when I’m not seeing them.

So I’ll try to report on how well it works, just as soon as I can figure out how to be at least quasi-scientific about it.  And please, if you have any personal experience with chasing away scorpions, either with or without lavender, do tell!

Later: you can read about how well it (didn’t) work right here, and for a truly scary scorpion picture look here.

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25 Comments on “Scorpions And Lavender”

  1. Ray Says:

    I’ve had success chasing away Scorpios….but lavender wasn’t in the repellent ‘mix’!

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  3. Lucy V Says:

    Good LORD Abra!

  4. Lauren Says:

    Please tell me that scorpions are not “in season” when we’re visiting in June………

  5. Abra Says:

    I could tell you that, but I’d be lying.

  6. Robin Says:

    There is a very silly movie, A Good Year, (, which is set in Provence, and uses the scorpion and lavender relationship as a sort of running gag. Guests come to stay at the house, pitch the dried bits of lavender that are in all the window sills, and wake up the next morning to be confronted by scorpions. The caretaker of the house then rushes to charmingly save them and explain the use of lavender to deter scorpion visitors.

  7. Abra Says:

    A running gag about scorpions? Some people have a truly weird sense of humor! I might try putting dried lavender in the windows too, nonetheless. So far, since I’ve been sleeping with a bottle of lavander oil open by the bed, we haven’t seen any more scorpions in the bedroom, so I’m getting somewhat optimistic.

  8. person Says:

    I had a scorpion on my pillow when I was sleeping when I woke up it was on my chest JESUS was I scared but I slipped a peice of paper under it and put container over it so yeh I went to the pet store got a cage some grass hoppers and kept it I still have it

  9. Steve Says:

    Greetings from the Scorpion capital of the world ARIZONA, USA. We have had Bark Scorpions in the house and have dealt with them using Cedar Oil. Extracted from Cedar trees and mixed with water and spread everywhere… It does work!!!

  10. SC Says:

    Steve, where do you get the cedar oil from?

  11. Cindy Says:

    Hi Steve, where do you get the cedar oil from? Thanks.

  12. John Says:

    You will never get rid of a scorpion problem unless you do 4 things.
    1) use Cy-Kick spray under warm zones like ground based ac units/washer dryers and along entire bottom of house outside walls going up to 2 ft coverage (because they climb)
    lasts 30 days. safe to humans and pets once it drys.
    2) Use Delta Guard granules in flower beds and entire yard. Water in to seep into crevices. lasts 30 days. kills the little ones…
    3) Go night hunting. Get a black light and Scorpion killer no. 2 can quick knock down spray. It speeds up the control process by getting the adults you can see before they mate again…
    4)Seal your home from access points usually around pipes and vents or they may nest in your walls…
    Nothing else will work effectively. Trust me, I live in Az. and am a professional on this.
    You will never get rid of them period until these steps are done…
    Treat monthly for 1st year…After that you should not have to treat as often…Usually quarterly keeps them gone for good.

  13. Carol Says:

    I’m currently using a walker with a seat and I’ve had probably 2 dozen in the past year. (New house.) Even ran over one in the garage and driveway. Saw one in the house, grabbed what I thought was the can of scorpion spray and realized later I had killed the thing with Endust! Later when I ran out of spray, I carried a bottle of catsup around with me … figured it would immobilize the beast until I could run over it with my walker wheels. Scorpion guy will be in soon to blow some kind of dust through wall light sockets to kill their food supply. In the meantime, a neighbor has put clear lavender pellets all around her house, and inside too. Even threw some up on top of kitchen cabinets. No scorpions and the house smells wonderful.

  14. Tati Says:

    I `ve never had any problem with scorpions. But I`m planning to move to a small farm, so I started to worry about it, and look for a solution to avaoid this problem, and what they do in Brazil is to get a han( I don`t know if any kind but they were very specific about the angola chicken) so ,it is a natural predador of scorpions, just leave a couple outside the house, they would do the job. I also learned that some kind of frogs can eat scorpions, and since the frog type that eats scorpions also are nocturnal creatures the chance of them finding them would increase. Any ways , I hope this is all true, cause that`s what I`m going to do.

  15. Jacki Says:

    We built our house last year, while building we say a couple of scorpions. When we moved in we were killing 2 to 3 a night, some crawling on us. I have been stung at the least 5 times. My husband stung twice. We gota break over winter. I go out every night, at first I was killing around 15 to 20 a night. I am down to about 3 a night. I find them around the light post mostly, some on the house. I will give the lavender a try. I can’t sleep at night till I have my nightly kill. It has become an obsession.

  16. Eli Says:

    i sent 5 bags of lavender to a Scientist in Pheonix arizona to prove if lavender would repel them. out of the 200 species that he tested only about 2 did not like the stuff, but the other 198 species were not affected and even some of the large species even sat up on top of the lavender.

  17. Eli Says:

    Note: i did not send the scorpion scientist the oil version.
    has anyone made any Conclusive test(scientific method) on the oil?

  18. Jacki Says:

    I have started using pine-sol lavender cleaner, I have seen a big decrease in scorpions on the house

  19. Patrick Says:

    can someone tell me where to buy ceder oil for a fair price ? I would like to do some spraying around my home ….I have seen 2 tonite and want to get started with a regular maintenance around the home inside and out well as my attic !!
    get out cridders

  20. Karen Garnica Says:

    Vermont Country Store I hope it works on Mexican Scorpions, taking some with me.

  21. Robert Richardson Says:

    I had them very bad. One weekend found 14. I sleep out side in my SUV for a week
    I use ceder shavings from my, wood plainer. Works good.

  22. David Says:

    Hello all from sunny Phoenix Arizona.

    Lavender plants repell scorpions and not lavender. Please understand that lavender does NOT kill scorpions. They like to hide among little areas such as clothes , clutter and yes especially plants, but they don’t like lavender. Scorpions breathe through their undersides. Through their bellys. Use boric acid. Works great. Also they hunt using fine hairs on their bellys called scilia. The fine hairs are used to sense movement. So apply pesticed or boraic acid every other day for a week. Then twice a week. Its also safe for families and pets. Questions? Drop me an email

  23. Rodg Says:

    I am in Florida. Found my first Scorpion yesterday in the morning. I quickly learned that there is a very loud 13 year old girl living inside my skin and now assume that the scorpion was deaf within seconds. I picked up the piece of paper that the fellow was sitting on as he waved his weapon at me. I dumped him in the toilet with all of the dignity I would a dead goldfish. 1 flush…he was swimming back to the surface..2 more flushes, no sign of him. As I readied myself for work I realized I needed to sit on the font that delivered him to the bowels (no pun intended) of my septic system. While sitting there I had an eerie thought of his view should he come back to the surface. I got up and decided that the men’s room at work was safer. I stripped the bed last night before retiering and am shaking my shoes out every time I look at them. I am curious about using disputatious earth around the house.

  24. Randi Says:

    I’ve read that both lavender and citrus repells scorpions as they don’t like the smell.

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