Drink To Me Only


As I mentioned here, we left ViniSud with a wine importer in tow.  You can meet him here, Michel from Vinotas Selections, who just happens to import some excellent wines that are made very near to us.  Lucky us, being able to visit the wineries with him. 

Although things have been considerably modernized since the days this little beauty was in use, Jean-Marie Popelin is still making wine à l’ancienne, the good old-fashioned way


at the first winery we visited.  Château Haut-Musiel is a very small producer in Domazan whose wines are all hand made.  There’s no actual château involved, more of a shed in fact, but thanks to the spirit and the care with which they’re made, the wines are worthy of the name.


The reds are a treat, quirky, interesting, and the rosé is outrageously good, one of the freshest and brightest I’ve tasted here.  This was my first time to do barrel tasting


and it was really an education for me to taste wines before their bottling and to try to imagine how they’d evolve over the next months or years.  After we tasted Jean-Marie poured the wine back into the barrels.  It’s going to ferment anyway, you know.

Later we headed to Château de Montfaucon where Rudolphe and Mari de Pins are making beautiful wines at the foot of an imposing château.


Rodolphe is a thinking person’s winemaker; the art and science he brings to his wines is starting to get a lot of attention, and after tasting his wines and hearing how they’re made I can really see why.


Mari, a transplanted Finn, offers tastings and sells wines from the counter at the winery.


Their reds, whites, and rosé are all utterly delicious. 

By the end of the day I’d acquired quite a few bottles from the two wineries, and it’s going to be a distinct pleasure to pour them throughout the summer.  You can find a few of these wines in the U.S., and if you see some, grab it.  And then drink it in the spirit in which it was made, with passion, intelligence, and a reverence for all that wine brings to the table.

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One Comment on “Drink To Me Only”

  1. Michel Says:

    It was such a pleasure showing you and Shel around to my wineries, I love those guys and think they’re making great juice. I am, of course, slightly biased, but you seemed to like them, so maybe I’m on to something here…

    Thanks for the nice write-up, I’ll be sure to let Jean-Marie and Rodolphe know about it.

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