Doorway To Burgundy


A bit crumpled and worn out, I’m back from a week in Semur-en-Auxois, a beautiful and ancient little town.  Here’s a doorway or two for you to contemplate while I get used to being 10 degrees warmer and using my English once again.






Pick a door.  Any door.

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4 Comments on “Doorway To Burgundy”

  1. Lucy V Says:

    Beautiful doors, Abra!

  2. Marigene Says:

    Oh my goodness, what an eye-catching assortment of doors!

  3. Betty C. Says:

    Hi! It’s funny I’ve never run into your blog. I was just thinking about posting doors today too — they would have been pinkish. These green ones are really different from what I see around me.

    Nice blog.

  4. Michel Says:

    Great pictures!

    So how were the classes? Are you satisfied with your French ability (which was pretty good to begin with)?

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