Les Amandiers Fleurissent


I’ve been hesitating, making sure it’s true, but yes, I think I can now safely report that spring has arrived.  I know this because all of a sudden the almond trees are in bloom everywhere I look, lending a gauzy pink glow to a country side that’s just beginning to come alive after the short winter.


In honor of almond-flowering time, make yourself a beautiful fruit tart.  Line a tart pan with your favorite crust or puff pastry.  Bake the crust blind for 10-15 minutes, then cover that with some caramelized fruit.  This weekend I used reinette apples browned in butter with a little cassonade, which is the local brown sugar, and a good splash of Calvados.  But you could easily use pears at this time of year and it would be equally delicious.  Over the fruit and pastry pour a custard made by stirring together 1/3 cup crème fraîche, 1/4 cup sugar, 1/2 cup ground almonds, 1 egg, and a few drops of bitter almond oil or vanilla.  Bake until the crust is well browned and the custard puffs goldenly over the fruit.


All hail the beautiful amandiers and their incomparable fruit.  Eat almonds every day and some say you’ll weigh less.  I can’t vouch for that myself, but I know that eating almonds everyday makes me happier, and I’m pretty sure that if you try this tart recipe you’ll be happier too.

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4 Comments on “Les Amandiers Fleurissent”

  1. islandlass Says:

    How glorious Abra! We’re about 4 months behind you locked in a bitter cold battle with the elements and long for spring.


  2. Klary Says:

    So beautiful! I saw some blossoms in the park this morning too. Not almond trees though! But they made me happy and hopeful. I’m looking forward to more of your spring photos!

  3. Eden Says:

    The tart sounds as lovely as the photos.
    We’re only a few weeks behind you back here in Seattle. There are a few pink blossomes on the plums & cherries, though soon we’ll be walking through drifts of pink “snow”, and the quince is just about ready to explode with a riot of red flowers.
    I confess I can’t wait though, so I’ve been planting primroses & a few forced bulbs to perk up my world in the meantime.

  4. Pat Says:

    The almond trees do evoke our plum trees the early harbinger of spring. Our tulips and hyacinths and narcissus are up about 4 inches and the deer have not appeared to eat them. I brought home a flat of primroses to freshen up the front walk planters and then spied my first big flat slug so I put the primroses on the plant stand on our back porch where they will not be a feast for the slugs. Your tarte sounds as wonderful as the marmalade and I don’t know the song either?”

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