Fur Coats – A Guessing Game

What do you think, is this France or Spain? 

How about this?

France or Spain?

How about this?

France or Spain?

How about this?

Dinner at my house with an assortment of French and Spanish delicacies for the first one to get them all right.

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17 Comments on “Fur Coats – A Guessing Game”

  1. katherine Says:

    Hello Abra,
    I guess it is in Spain although you see a lot of furcoats in France too.
    Since I discovered your blog I can hardly wait untill you add another article.
    I just love reading it all.

  2. Abra Says:

    Ok, I’ll give you a hint. Some are Spain and some are France.

  3. Nancy Says:

    France; Spain; Spain; France; rural; city.

    Oh, you mean to guess which is rural and which city? I’ll take a wild guess that the rural is something French and close to your present home, and the city is from your trip to Spain.

    BTW, I’ve have “yompin’ yimminy…” running around in my head all day long. My co-workers couldn’t figure out why I kept bursting out laughing at odd moments.

  4. Abra Says:

    Nope, just guess which are Spain and which are France! Lucy came very close, with 5/6 right. Who can beat her?

  5. I would guess that the picture of the 4 women is France & the rest are Spain.

  6. Klary Says:

    I have to agree with Dave! French windows!!

  7. Abra Says:

    Nobody’s got it yet.

  8. France, Spain, Spain, Spain, Spain, Spain.

  9. Abra Says:

    Nope, désolée. You have until tomorrow to get them all correct and reserve your dinner!

  10. Marigene Says:

    France, Spain, Spain, Spain, Spain, France

  11. Try again. The last food picture is French, the rest are Spain.

  12. Lauren Says:

    I’m going to guess just the opposite of Dave, the last food picture is Spain, all the rest are France.

  13. Eric Says:

    Who plated that last dish? That looks awesome!

    I know French women when I see them!

    Spain, Spain, Spain, France, France, Spain

  14. Nancy Says:

    Well. Since Dave guessed that the last photo is the only French one, I won’t duplicate his guess. Just to be contrary, I’ll guess that the second photo – the one of the man sitting alone on the bench with (his?) dog, was taken in France. I’d have picked the first one, but you’ve already said it wasn’t taken in France. I love the combination of fur coats and bare ankles in that photo, by the way.

    If I’m right, I have no idea how I’ll collect the prize!

  15. Abra Says:

    Alas, we have no winner. But Lucy and Eric each got 5 out of six, which is pretty darn good. And for the reveal:

    1) fur coats on a warm Christmas Day in Barcelona, Spain
    2) a lonely guy and his dog in a train station in Cerberes, France
    3) a Barcelona fashionista’s dream window
    4) perhaps a fashionista’s nightmare in Bayonne, France
    5) a stew of wild doves in St. Jean Pied de Port, France
    6) a wildly rare venison plate at the fabulous restaurant Hisop in Barcelona

    Thank you for playing!

  16. Foul! A rigged contest if ever there was one.
    Lucy said: “Spain!”
    You said: “Lucy came closest with 5/6 right.” Thus misleading everyone who read that comment.

    Ah well. Merde! I hate losing even though in this case I was never right no matter what.

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