French Toast


I love looking back, now that the winter solstice is behind us and the days are getting longer again.  This amazing year is nearly done, and I can see the new one stretching ahead, vivid and bright with anticipation. 

So with that in mind, I propose a toast to


the beauty of our earth


and all those who work to preserve it.


To those who brighten our lives in unexpected ways and places.


Another glass for those who spend their days offering hospitality,


and loving service,


creating edible art,


harvesting the fruit of the vine,


and to those who keep life bubbling along with wit and vision. 

A toast from my whole heart to a guy who’s willing to go grocery shopping with me anytime, anywhere,


even when that’s during a snowstorm in the south of France.


And one more to our dreams for the new year.  You know what they are.


I plan to walk right in, sit right down, and have a glass with you.  Thank you for sharing this precious year with me.

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15 Comments on “French Toast”

  1. Tante auguri! Buon’anno!
    May your dreams come true….even the ones you haven’t dreamt of yet!

  2. Jamie Lee Says:

    Abra…. you made me weep with your words and images.

    Please, please keep it up! Your website is one of the first I check everyday. Wish I was in your shoes.

  3. Lauren Says:

    What a great picture of Shel!

    Happy New Year to both of you.

  4. Jim Says:

    Abra, thank you for your ongoing photo-essay blog. Best wishes to you and Shel for 2008 from Joanna and me.

  5. Jan Says:

    Such beautiful photos and thoughts.

    Happiest of New Years to you and Shel!

  6. Malarkey Says:

    Happy New Year to you both!

  7. Klary Says:

    Dear Abra and Shel, have a wonderful new year. Thank you for sharing your life, your thoughts, your pictures with us!

  8. islandlass Says:


    Thank you for that wonderful “toast;” seeing and reading about the journey you and Shel are experiencing, and for the terrific music stacked in your house!

    Happy, healthy New Year to you both!


  9. Char Says:

    Happy New Year, Shel and Abra !

    Your blog brightens my day no matter how gloomy the weather!


  10. Nancy Says:

    Ah, what an outstandingly vivid, thought-provoking and appropriate toast. Thank you for sharing your travels and times with us, and for sharing your talents with us so generously. Here’s to a 2008 even better than your dreams!

  11. K Says:

    What a beautiful way to begin the New Year. Thanks so much for always being a bright spot in our days, a faithful foodie and a wonderful writer. 🙂

  12. Carolyn Says:

    le Jour de l’An Abra and Shel! The very best to you both in 2008.


    Carolyn & Bob

  13. Lucy Vanel Says:

    Wishing you both so much happiness – I am listening to the CD you gave me and reading up on what I missed while I have been offline and catching up. Bless you both. A beautiful message.

  14. Wendy Miller Says:

    The very best in 2008 to you and Shel, cheers!

  15. Rebecca Says:

    Such a beautiful moment, reading your words, seeing the photos, your sentiment catches in my throat, and I feel my own life’s desires as I examine yours.

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