Bon Nadal!


Another bright and sunny day in Barcelona, a city so wonderful that we talk of learning Catalan and moving here.  It looks like the bus strike is over until the new year, the street sweepers have already been out on this Christmas morning, and we’re about to spend the day walking on the architecture trail.  Virtually everything is supposed to be closed, but we’ll see about that.

Meanwhile, here are a few scenes of how Barcelona prepares for Christmas.


The Christmas market did a huge business in creche fixings.  Some of the stuff is so beautiful it almost made me want to have a creche.


Being an almost-tropical Christmas zone, the flowers on the street made it clear that we’re not in Kansas anymore.


Here’s another sure sign that the winds have blown us to another kingdom.


Disturbing, eh?  But it’s a splendid town, warm and friendly, casual, joyful, and we’re feeling the same.  And so we’re off into the day in search of coffee, adventure, and beauty.  Have a beautiful day yourself, whether the sun is shining or not, and whatever Santa is wearing wherever you are.

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2 Comments on “Bon Nadal!”

  1. John and Kathy Says:

    Merry Christmas Abra and Shel

  2. Lori in PA Says:

    I’m laughing at the first pic — the xmas lights in Barcelona appear to come pre-tangled! Merry Christmas to both of you. If you are so inclined, I’d love to hear more about what prompted you to start this big adventure. I read your post on egullet, but I either missed it or it wasn’t there.

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