A French Christmas Market


The very first thing I bought at my first French Christmas market was this mistletoe, called gui in French.  It’s the freshest I’ve ever seen, with plump glistening berries that make you want to pucker right up.  I carried it through the market over my head, in case it got crushed, and wondered whether I’d get any extra kisses.  But no, all I got was smiles, which was, in fact and counter to one’s romantic fantasies,  probably better than being kissed by the average French stranger.

Being France, there was a lot of foie gras for sale


and even escargots.


For entertainment there were costumed dancers twirling sedately,


a potter demonstrating a wheel that he turned with a stick,


pony rides for the kids,


and a strolling minstrel Santa band.


On the way home we stopped by the temporary ice rink that just opened for Christmas.


Heaps of kids were piled on the ice with a mad dash of other kids trying not to fall on top of them.  Or maybe they were actually trying to pile on, as if it were rugby on ice.  A French kid normally won’t meet a stranger’s eye on the street, but each and every kid, at they slammed into the end of the rink where we were standing, flashed a triumphantly pink-cheeked grin, as if to say “Hey, I’m out in the freezing cold having the best possible time, and when I finally fall on my last heap of the day, I’ll probably be having escargots for supper.  Don’t you wish you were me?”

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6 Comments on “A French Christmas Market”

  1. Love the minstrel Santas….jealous now not only of your chow, but also of your weather: it just seems like it should snow here, without any actually snow making an appearance.

  2. Klary Says:

    Ohhh!!! I am so sorry I missed that market!!

  3. Lucy Vanel Says:

    The ice skating looks like it was lots of fun! How I wish I could have been there with you!

  4. Nancy Says:

    I love the festive shots! Two questions:
    – How would one go about reheating those escargot?
    Are they as good, cooked and then reheated, as if they’re cooked fresh?

    – The potter turned that with a stick? Do you mean that he moved around the clay with his stick, or did that pot stand rotate? It looks rather large for rotating, but the other idea sounds unwieldy.

  5. Abra Says:

    I didn’t buy the escargot, so I don’t know how they’re supposed to be handled. But the potter’s wheel, that I do know about. He stayed squatting, stuck a long stick in a hole on the stand, and gave it a mighty shove. It looked like the hardest possible way to throw a pot.

  6. […] year I showed you a French Christmas Market in Uzès, and we’ll be visiting that again this weekend.  It’s only for one day, so I […]

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