Les Legumes d’Alice


At home in the U.S. my wonderful farmer is Rebecca, who has nourished my spirit and body with her jewel-like vegetables for the past five years.  And now at home in France I have, through the magic of friendship, found Alice, whose vegetables you see here.

When someone spends her life growing the foods that sustain my body and spirit, I can’t help but take it personally.  Of course she’s feeding many people, not just me, but every bite that finds its way from her dirt-covered hands to my plate feels like a gift meant only for me.  See that little Charlotte potato shaped exactly like a heart?  I don’t think that’s an accident!

And because it’s almost Thanksgiving, my first in France, this abundance of vegetables has gotten me thinking.  Should that beautiful pumpkin become a soup, a pie, or both?  What if I were to make a carrot cake with those incredible carrots, purple on the outside, orange within?  The perfect little lettuces and the heap of broccoli won’t last until next week, but  the baby fennel and the leeks will, and are destined for stuffing the turkey, or maybe a little vegetable marmalade.  The petite cauliflowers might make it until then, but more likely I won’t be able to resist roasting them on one of the frigid days we’re having right now. 

The truth is that it’s all almost too beautiful to eat, and Thanksgiving dinner can’t be entirely vegetables.  I’ll just have to give thanks to Alice for all the meals that will come from this week’s bounty, starting tonight with a dish of blettes, a chard as long as your arm and twice as sweet.

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7 Comments on “Les Legumes d’Alice”

  1. Great looking veggies. Did I see sweet potatoes? Or, if not, yams?

    Sounds like you were able to find a turkey; good for you.


  2. Abra Says:

    Nope, those are all carrots. In order to have sweet potatoes I’m afraid I’ll have to get the Israeli imports. I did find a turkey!

  3. Lauren Says:

    Beautiful! I just finished watching The Gleaners and I (which is a great movie and I highly recommend it) in which the documentarian collects heart shapped potatoes! Here’s info about the movie: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0247380/

  4. […] Sage and cinnamon filled the air, just as they should.  The stuffing was one we could all agree on, and if you find yourself in need of a great stuffing recipe, try this Sage Stuffing.  Alice’s vegetables were just as delicious as they look. […]

  5. […] delightful result is as you see it, rare duck breast over silky potatoes and onions, with some of Alice’s sweet and tender romanesco broccoli on the side..  I deviated from the recipe only by using my […]

  6. Rebecca at last Says:

    You’re right. Those heart shaped potatoes were just for you. I’m certain of it. Is there a way to write just to you? Not for general consumption? I miss you. You’re coming up in my dreams (again).

  7. […] it will certainly find its way into the fruit and flower guys’ hands.  And some will go to Alice to thank her for the extra vegetables she often adds to my bag, and maybe some to our garagiste to […]

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