French Junk Food


Having a 20-something person in the house is a great excuse to investigate junk food.  Not to say that he won’t really and truly appreciate the blanquette de veau that I’m preparing for tonight’s dinner, and whose mise you see in the background, but he’s sure to dive into this collection of treats.  Clockwise, beginning at 5:00, or 17:00 as we say in France, we have Corn Puffs with the Flavor of Wood Fire, Potato Chips with Mustard Flavor, Old Fashioned Potato Chips with Flavors of Goat Cheese and Walnut, Lay’s Potato Chips with the Flavors of Roasted Chicken and Thyme, and Peanut-Flavored Corn Puffs.  OK! 

Because we’re having the aforementioned blanquette de veau, we’ve been showing admirable restraint with the junk food, and thus it is that I cannot yet report to you exactly what “flavor of wood fire” tastes like, whether it’s a good idea or not to have potato chips that taste like roast chicken, nor how old fashioned the goat cheese and walnut chips are.  But we’ll be tasting them soon, and reporting. 

Right after we show you the ham.  Which is waiting for tomorrow, when the light will be better, to reveal its full glory.  I have a heap of endive in the fridge that’s begging for ham, and tomorrow will be Ham Day around here.

Were you wondering how the blanquette de veau turned out?


It’s the best!  It’s this recipe from Daniel Boulud.  It’s awesome.

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  1. […] I do see teens on the street after school with giant bags of potato chips, probably flavored with roasted chicken and thyme, but still chips.  By the way, those are possibly the most delicious chips on the planet.  They […]

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