French Farm Animals


On our recent trip to the Pays Basque we spent a lot of quality time looking at French farm animals.  They were just like American farm animals, only different, in the same way that French people are just like American people, only different.

These beautiful long-haired sheep were everywhere, making the Basque country look like a weaver’s paradise, although we were told that their wool is used mainly to make mattresses, being generally too coarse for making garments.


On a small detour we took across the border into the Spanish Basque country, these calm and intelligent goats were trooping down the road without a shepherd or even a dog to keep them on track.  Several of them put their heads into the car to check us out, or possibly they were lonely Volvo enthusiasts, since they didn’t leave until we shooed them away.


The Basque pigs, one of only six breeds of heritage pigs remaining in France, don’t look like any pigs I’ve seen before.  Not that I’ve seen a lot of pigs personally, but these lop-eared pigs are especially endearing.  And delicious.  It’s a terrible and wonderful truth 


that the Basques have a special way with meat, and their ham is some of the best anywhere.  There, I’ve said it.  We ate beautiful animals on our trip to the Pays Basque, lots of them.  Few vegetables found their way to our plates, but the meat was ever present.  We even ate wild doves, which are delicious, and dark and different, and don’t taste like chicken.  Just as the Pays Basque is deliciously different, and doesn’t feel like France.

And to see more about French farm animals click here.

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3 Comments on “French Farm Animals”

  1. Eden Says:

    What the goats actually wanted was to EAT the volvo, at least it’s interior. That is the nature of goats…

    If we can manage to swing a visit while you’re still over there, you must take me to see (and eat!) lop eared pigs!

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  3. olivia tommy Says:


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