Tilt and Whirl


We’re home, after a visit to a place so different from here that it’s a mind bending re-entry.  Halfway between the Pays Basque and home, we saw this merry go round in Carcassonne, a perfect symbol for my state of mind. 

If you want to see a paradise of tranquil beauty, the Pays Basque might be for you; I know it felt like home to me.  I’ll be back tomorow to show you why.  For now, just imagine red and green hillsides dotted with white houses and sheep, warm and welcoming people, evocative music, and bright spicy peppers everywhere.

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One Comment on “Tilt and Whirl”

  1. sallyrobison Says:

    Abra and Shel, My, how splendid you are reporting your adventure! Words fail me, but not you. I know that all that I read will find another audience. In other words, will be published in some glossy form. Congratulations.

    Having had another trip to the hospital 10 days ago, the same event of August…or was it September. However, this time, shocking my heart seemed to do the trick, heart beat is even, not dancing a gavotte? Minuet? Whatever.

    Other news would be that we have moved into our perfect condo in Vineyard Lane NE and feel qu ite delirious with the accomodations. I told Merrill I thought I was living in an upscale motel, but that does not do it justice. All is on one floor and on the ground floor, which means Drake will not have to cross his legs when he must go and also leave by elevator.

    The house has not sold again. It was sold but the buyer could not sell his house, but then we were in no condition to move what with heart problems. We had garage sales, give-away programs for our sons, and Barbain Boutique and Goodwill must be thinking of opening another outlet, for we loaded them up with books, Christmas decorations and oddments of the large sizes. We feel quite releived.

    Shel, you know how Southern Memorabilia is sacrasant, not with me. Unloading my silverto my sons was miraculously freeing.

    Now, do you want me to send the columns or newy tidbits or topics for writing?

    How you can read anything with all that enjoyment going on?

    Contiinue on your pleasant course,



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