Cheap and Nasty


Just for fun, and of course for the sake of science, I decided to test the proposition that decent wine can be had in France for practically no money at all.  Now, to be fair, I’ll admit that I’ve been drinking lots of very nice wine for 5 Euros or less, which is under $7 US.  That’s already very good, but I felt like testing the limits.

So here we have two bottles of wine that I purchased for less than 1 Euro per bottle, which translates to about $1.25  a bottle.  Really, you’d think just the glass and the cork would cost more than that, not to mention picking the fruit and doing something to it to get it into the bottle.  As you may have noted, I’m not claiming that any actual grapes were involved in the process, or that any actual vinification occurred, only that something red went into those bottles, traveled to the market, and sat on the shelf.  And you know what that means.  Someone is actually buying this wine, or else the store wouldn’t be stocking it, right?

I showed these to our neighbor who wrinkled his nose and said “this is going to be the worst wine in the whole world.”  Let me say that with this pronouncement he demonstrated a grave paucity of imagination. 


If you ever have an incipient ant infestation on your terrace and want to get rid of the critters tout de suite, I recommend using an 89 centimes bottle of wine.  

Or, if it’s been a long time since you had the pleasure of spewing out the entire contents of your mouth all over the undeserving grass, and you want to give it a go, look for these.  Swallowing’s overrated, anyway.

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3 Comments on “Cheap and Nasty”

  1. Michel Says:

    Whew, I was afraid they were going to be my wines!

    There’s plenty of good wine in the 3-5 Euro category, but never buy before tasting. Where you are in France, there are TONS of wineries that will happily pour you their swill, and you should never feel obligated to buy unless you like it.


  2. Abra Says:

    Oh dear, so far we’re mostly buying at the grocery store. But soon we’ll be swilling with the best of them at the wineries, I’m sure.

  3. Dave Colby Says:

    Don’t yo¨have a co-op there you go to – with your own plastic jug – and buy your local wine?


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