Faites l’Amour, Pas la Cuisine!


Tonight as I was trying to follow the rapid-fire news on TV, a commercial shocked me by exhorting us to make love rather than cook.  Ok, it’s France, so of course making love is a national topic of interest, but telling us not to cook?  Sacre bleu!

I’m quite sure that the folks at La Bastide de Mamette weren’t watching TV.  When we had lunch there today, the only guests in their tiny 12 seat restaurant, they were cooking and taking care of us like it was the only thing in the world they wanted to do.  I’ll show you what they did for us, strangers who showed up without reservations.  We didn’t pick or choose but ate what they had to offer.  A multi-course meal with wine is 30 Euros a person, and this is what we got.

A house-made apéritif, a mix of Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay infused with figs and orange blossoms, came with some special olives from Cannes marinated with basil and thyme.  Then a bottle of a slightly chilled and refreshingly balanced red wine called Feuille de Garance, made nearby from hand harvested grapes, 


and this tantalizing


crisp puff pastry with a warm pelardon, a locally made goat cheese drizzled with honey and thyme and scattered with fresh grapes.  Roasted grapes with warm cheese, please try that at home.  Next,


rosy slices of duck breast cooked on lavender, served with a cream of lavender flowers and a liqueur of violets, plus lightly cinnamoned beignets of zucchini and some gorgeous thyme-sautéed mushrooms.  There was cheese afterwards, Banon wrapped in chestnut leaves, a perfect slice of Roquefort (which in France tastes unbelievably better than it does after crossing the ocean) and a gentle sheep cheese.  And last


a caramelized creamy banana pudding and a very good espresso.  Now aren’t you glad they were cooking instead of making love?  We certainly were!  We were seen out by their reception cat


and after a sweet walk around the beautiful little town of Euzet les Bains, we headed home.  We were there in under 20 minutes, which means that it will only take 20 minutes to go back.  Every time we go back.  You see where this is headed?  They’ll never have time to make love at all if their other clients appreciate them as much as we do.

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2 Comments on “Faites l’Amour, Pas la Cuisine!”

  1. John DePaula Says:

    Sounds like perfection! Absolute perfection.

  2. Lorna Says:

    The main course sounds intriguing! I’ve never had (or heard of) violet liqueur and cinnamon + zucchini sounds interesting. I bet the apéritif was sublime.

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