Les Chats Français Mangent Bien


French cats eat very well. Better, in fact, than a lot of American people do.  Inevitably, the small ziplock bag of cat crunchies that we brought with us to make Beppo feel at home has been eaten, and he’s had to face the realities of being a French cat.  Evidently, French cats eat a lot of vegetables, a practice Beppo doesn’t fully support.  This bag of crunchies contains


rabbit, poultry, green vegetables, and carrots, while the canned food is a terrine of game and liver, with vegetables.  I wonder what kind of game?  Mice are game to Beppo, mice, voles, and birds.  We have also tried a food that sounds positively human: crunchies filled (filled!) with liver in the flavors of green vegetables, beef with chicken, and cheese.  Beppo took one sniff and walked away.  If they’re on his plate, no thank you, he’s skipping dinner.  Since I think he eats liver in other forms, it must be the vegetables that trouble him.

For canned food there’s also an organic (organic!) terrine of chicken and vegetables, a paté of beef and turkey, a paté of salmon and tuna, and a paté of duck and liver.  That last one he wouldn’t touch either.  Come to think of it, maybe it is the liver he’s rejecting, not the green vegetables.  But I ask you, would an American cat normally eat green vegetables?

Taking matters into his own paws, Beppo has completed his first successful hunt on French soil.  The bird he brought into the house didn’t end up getting eaten, so maybe it was lacking in the gourmet department, but at least Beppo demonstrated that if we don’t feed him well, mayhem will ensue, he’ll choose his own game, and the feathers will fly all over the house.

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10 Comments on “Les Chats Français Mangent Bien”

  1. Lauren Says:

    Awwww, Beppo brought you his first present (as we call it). Scruffa, scruffa Beppo!

  2. MickeyM Says:

    Our cat Minnie absolutely detests liver and always had. She’s hard to buy for, since almost every canned cat food contains some liver.

    However, considering how meat animals are raised in the US, with all sorts of weird fillers (try chicken feathers and concrete!) and meat byproducts so diseased and disgusting they aren’t allowed to even make hot dogs out of them, maybe she is on to something. It’s an animal’s liver that has to process all that merde.

  3. Annie Says:

    Looks like Beppo has easily made his new house his territory. He probably sniffed every inch of it too. I’ve known that American made cat kibbles are much more full of meat than dog kibbles. The proof of that is whenever I have my kitchen door open, the neighbor’s dog, a Rhodesian Ridgeback, will come clean out my cats’ kibble bowl in one sweep of the tongue. He’d rather have meat than all those freeze dried processed veggies too.

    Beppo will probably have to develop a taste for french food I guess.

    Le Mew!

  4. Annie Says:

    Hey, your next installment should be chock full of pics of the inside of the house!
    From what I can tell already it looks beautiful as well as being “cat approved.”

  5. Tamara Says:

    I’ve had good luck pouring chicken stock over whatever kibbles they won’t eat. Oh, that works for dogs–don’t know about cats–Maybe fish stock? The only other trick I know is to get another pet who wants the food. Jealousy and competition work wonders when it comes to getting animals to eat.

  6. Beppo’s food may be too healthy. Our dog, Rupert, much prefers the ‘junk food’ kibble from the hypermarket to the healthy organic stuff we buy from the local vet. He also likes more vegetables and walnuts (he’s a dab hank at cracking them) Best of all he likes black berries which are now in season.
    Does Beppo speak any French yet?

  7. Abra Says:

    He does seem to answer to “le petit Beppo” but it might just be the mushy tone of voice!

  8. Sarah Says:

    That picture of Beppo is stunning! Abra your photos and commentary are so evocative, I almost feel like I am there. Keep it up! (please)

  9. Leila Says:

    Dear Abra, I am Paula Wolfert’s daughter and she told me to check out your site because I have been talking about moving to France (probably Southwest) for years but my 2 cats are too precious to me to leave them with a loving family here in upstate New York. That’s when she told me about toi and how easy it was for you to bring le petit Beppo! And I love your photos and commentary as well. I’m so thankful you are doing this because it’s making my dream more and more real. I’m also practicing my French in the car with tapes.

  10. […] we already know that French cats eat well, I thought I’d see how French babies eat, just for comparison.  A quick and fascinating […]

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