In the Frying Pan AND In the Fire


This is us.  We’ve got a whole heap of ingredients in the pot, and the fire’s getting hotter every minute.  In actual fact this iron pan cracked from the intense heat, but we won’t.  At least, we hope that we won’t end up any more cracked than we are already, which isn’t saying a lot these days.

I need to cook something soothing.  Something that feels like home yet doesn’t anchor us too firmly.  We already have more luggage than any two people can manage, so it has to be a dish that won’t slow us down, will give us strength, and won’t produce leftovers unless they can fit in a 3 oz. bottle in a clear 1 quart ziplock bag.  It needs to be a calm food, an optimistic blend of ingredients with no clash of flavors or cultures.

What should it be?  What’s the recipe for a new life?

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2 Comments on “In the Frying Pan AND In the Fire”

  1. Klary Says:

    Bon voyage!

  2. Lauren Says:

    Soft scrambled eggs with morels.

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