Les Bagages


Way too much of our time is spent pondering the question “what should we take with us?”  We have a whole houseful of possibilities, including Sushi and Beppo, who don’t know whether they want to leave their homely hunting grounds and go off to the land of langue-de-chat.  That’s a cat’s tongue cookie for humans, but what do French cats actually eat?  According to the French website NutriVet, their food comes in poultry, salmon, and rabbit flavors.  Mmmm, bunny.  The cats could really get into bunny-flavored food, I’m guessing.  So should we bring our cats, oui ou non?  That’s our issue of the day.  And if it’s non,  where oh where will they live?

Packing the kitchen is easy: I’ll take my knives, cup and spoon measures, my nice small digital food scale, a Microplane, my striped apron without-which-I-cannot-cook, and maybe a few other little odds and ends. 

After that it gets harder.  Should I bring CDs from home, or devote myself to French music immersion?  Buy new clothes before we go, or challenge my assumption that not one single garment in all of France will fit me?  Take fifty pounds of French language study books, or just plan to sit in the market with my ears open all day every day once we arrive?

We each get 100 pounds of luggage plus a carry on.  Imagine reducing your entire life to 100 pounds.  We have 16 days to figure that one out.

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5 Comments on “Les Bagages”

  1. Tamara Says:

    I am so pleased that you will be blogging and giving all of us that good old vicarious thrill. What are the plans for your house?

    As far as cats go, my brother brings his dog back and forth to Europe every summer. He tells me that there are only two airlines he will consider using. If you want to go that route, I can put you in touch. He is moving to London in September if you need a contact over there.

  2. Steve Says:

    Can ship stuff, too… (Though not the cats, I presume.)

  3. Amy & Albert Says:

    Abra –
    Well – it certainly sounds like you’re going to have a lovely adventure, for however long it lasts. We wish you both well – our friends are just returning from a 6 month stay in Paris and Nancy (mostly in Paris). Your pics are lovely. Looking forward to your blogs. Looking forward to retiring. Soon.
    Manorama and Amritanand (aka Amy & Albert)

  4. Malarkey Says:

    Is this Beppo? So cute! Keep us posted on how your kitties do on the voyage!

  5. Randi Says:

    I’m glad you’re blogging about this. I’ve followed your thread on Eg. I couldnt leave my animals, I hope you take them.

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